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They can’t bear anything that strays from their narrative.

Yes to this woman. I wonder when her comment will be deleted:

Women are fully aware of everything you have stated and many in your community using their card to prey on us and our children. This is why we do not want shared toilets and changing rooms and many other things. Unfortunately there are too many predators in your community and you guys just stay quiet and call us women crazy. And with all due respect we are not cis women, we are WOMEN and do not wish to be misidentified as anything other than women.

Of course she gets told that she is a crazy Karen. Sigh. Reddit moment

And I've literally seen posts of people on these subreddits just asking about the link between their sexual arousal of being a woman and then immediately being validated and told they are trans and should transition etc. I mean, I get that there are trans women with this experience and it is valid.

It's not, and you know it. That's why you have a problem with a clearly male predator using his trans identity to cover up evade consequences for raping you. Men who think womanhood is nothing more or less than wank fodder are not "valid". They're dangerous. They should not be rewarded with access to vulnerable women and children.

But to base your whole identity around this drive to be sexually aroused could be dangerous and push these people who may make both trans women like me and cis woman unsafe.

That's what we've been saying! We don't want horny males in spaces where we get dressed, bathe, and sleep! That's why we want all males, regardless of whether or not they've swiped on some lipstick, out women's intimate spaces. We know from sad experience that men will lie to take advantage of women.

A comment from one of these shitheads:

Anger issues much?

Yes, because a rape victim should be tone policed by some smug self-satisfied person who's probably never known that kind of fear in his life.

Well, duh. Of course they'd want to silence him.

And that's exactly why HSTS TIMs are not safer if they are granted access to womens' spaces: Because once you grant access to men, men have access. ALL men.

It's sad he had to be raped himself to see reality for what it is. And he still hates on "terfs".

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Wow that is so so sad. My heart goes out to this person, I hope they are ok. It sounds like a horrific experience.

The comments are annoying me, there’s a lot of agreement and solidarity in there…until a woman says it and then she’s a witch.

This person experienced something horrific and they’re right to be scared and worried and to extend that to women. We are scared and worried too and that’s why we’re here.

They are protecting these people within their own community and worse, they’re encouraging and celebrating them. The MtF subreddit is AGP central - this person references this themselves about Reddit.

Women always knew this was inevitable and that it would happen frequently, it frustrates me so much to see someone experience this despite us trying to warn everyone.