Itโ€™s always the same lines. Like they were given 5 twaw chants at confession.

Yep... It's a bit creepy :s

It's very creepy. How can anyone believe we aren't living in a dystopia when corporations say things essentially the same as '2+2=5' and everyone just cheers.

All this movement has revealed to me is that men think what they jerk off to is on the same level as suffrage, civil rights, etc. They're literally that deranged.

It's not on the same level, it's a much higher priority. Just look at governmental response.

Ew. Leave hockey alone. That mantra is so fucking rapey. They keep trying to force it on people against their will. If trans women were women, you wouldn't need the trans part. They would just be. However, they are not.

If you mean it, let TIFs play. Do it. I dare you.

And don't give me any sob stories that you can't because they would actually die in their first game, the first time they get tackled. They're men, let them play with the fellas.

Jesus! WTF?! The NHL?? I swear all these corporate twitter accounts are run by porn-sick AGP nerds. Ordinary people need to complain!

Apparently this tweet is in response to pushback against a TIP tryout game.


I guess thatโ€™s one way of peaking the U.S. and Canada is to corrupt Lord Stanleyโ€™s game with transfoolery, and piss off a bunch of burly hockey dudes in the process. But still: is there nothing that remains unspoiled by this?

No. To "queer" something, according to its proponents, is to blur or destroy its boundaries.

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Thatโ€™s what queering always meant - to spoil it, as in โ€œto queer the pitchโ€ in cricket. Except these freaks think spoiling or ruining things is good.

They started ruining hockey when they banned fights. Some of the greatest NHL fights games were Fight Night in Hockeytown and that other time the Wings beat (literally) the Avalanche.

One of the reddit comments on r/NHL said it best, if twaw and tmam then why do they need segregated teams and tournaments?

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