Aaaaahaahhahahahaa the delusion levels are strong with this one!!!

Like where is he putting them?! Do we even want to know?!

Two tampons sticking out of his ears so he doesn’t have to hear the truth.

I went looking the other day for why in the world they would even want to wear them if they don't have uteruses. They have a goofy argument that "some cis women can't have periods either, so therefore we're no different from them if we can't have periods either". And it's all part of the "dress-up and playacting as women" thing. They stick them into fake vaginas where no blood from nonexistent uteruses exists. Pads too. They'll just wear them to make themselves feel more like women. 😫

Another TIM with a menstruation fetish. 🤮 Their need to role play their fetish in public is so strong that they will repeatedly humiliate themselves and their families tweeting gross shit like this. Typical delusional pornsick male.

I know right…does he think that he’s fooling anyone?!

This is a mental health issue.

I stopped using disposable sanitary products to try and cut back on waste going into the environment (a drop in the water I know), even if it's in many ways a lot less convenient to try different methods, and here is a man with zero need of a tampon buying them instead without cause, to waste either what other women could use, or contribute to killing the planet just a bit faster.

It's just absurd.

I’ve done the same actually, and I agree with you on this! It’s very frustrating to see.

Also they’re expensive…what a waste. But this is a privileged man’s game.

It's a massive waste of resources that women need but India probably loves nothing more than to take from women at any cost.

With tampon shortages as they are, it’s good to know that they’re going to those truly in need. 🙄

Now can he explain to all the preteen girls why the joke was supposed to be funny?

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Maybe he likes to shoot the little white things out of the casing like rockets?

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Well, we all knew he was a closeted homosexual male, the fact that he gets off on shoving tampax up his ass only proves it.

You'd be surprised how many non-same-sex-attracted men end up in the ER with things up their butts that they had no idea how they got there.

They also end up in the ER for sticking their dicks in things where it doesn't belong. Like the guy with a shredded bleeding dick from trying to rape his cat.

Million to one shot, doc!

Yeah, shoving things up one's ass is not a gay male thing, it's a male thing, period.

So, all in all, no wonder TIMs are doing it.

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