"Pronouns are a basic human right"

No honey. That's food, water, safety, shelter, pursuit of happiness, voting rights, autonomy, etc., depending on country and of whom we are speaking, male or female. There can be no law establishing that I must be compelled to speak in any way, which is a constitutionally guaranteed right from my country of origin and domicile.

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Rule number one of pronouns is that there are no rules.

Never mind. That was Fight Club.

I hope the traumatized survivors don’t forget to use his pronouns when they talk about the shooting. Don’t want to upset the man who tried to kill you. He has human rights!!! Apparently, the dead don’t have human rights.

hahahha I noticed the goalpost moved from "We'd respect Hitlers pronouns" to "we'd respect the pronouns of REINCARNATED Hitler" bc they were called out on how fuckin stupid they sounded