Yes. There were no mass shootings in the US before a Scottish children's author gave them the idea.

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It’s wild that they made the rules that we must unequivocally believe a person’s identity based on their declaration alone…..and now here they are, faced with the absurdity of the situation they created themselves.

If he’s trolling, they look like hypocritical idiots for ever pushing the narrative that people (let alone criminals) can self-ID and be placed in a prison of their choice. What about the men in women’s prisons? How can they now say they’re not trolling?

If he’s not trolling, the devastating homophobic and violent underbelly of the TQ monster is laid bare for us all to see.

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It's always interesting when they suddenly decide that gatekeeping is a good thing. They didn't give a shit when women were being harassed and raped by genderspecial males in prison, but the mere possibility of this guy making them look bad has them up in arms and blaming JKR for a mass shooter playing by the rules of a game they invented.

They didn't give a shit when women were being harassed and raped by genderspecial males in prison

Which can only lead me to the conclusion that they don’t think we are equal humans and deserving of equal respect.

blaming JKR for a mass shooter playing by the rules of a game they invented.

Exactly, like JKR spends years and stakes her entire career and reputation on trying to tell them it’s a bad idea. Then when they finally see it’s a bad idea, they can’t even admit she was right, they STILL blame her.

It will somehow, always, magically be the fault of someone else (preferably a female someone) when TiPs do something that makes TiPs look bad.

I love how he is simultaneously trying to assign blame for the shootings to JKR and also narcissistically take credit for whatever his brother’s achievement is that he’s so jealous of.

Here’s a radical idea, dude. Actions are the responsibility of the people who do them.

It's actually a radical idea for them, most of the awful things they do are "because of their circumstances" it, it's "the system" who "made them do it".

Preaching to the choir here, but the circumstances are what put you in the position of having the choice available. It is still you who makes the choice.

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Literally the only reason they care is because the shooter killed some LGBTQ people. If he had killed women or any other randoms and identified as nonbinary, it would be an "oh well, some sacrifices must be made for poor widdle trans people."

Sweet. Next time a woman gets killed, I’m going to blame “Gretchen” Felker-Martin (is that his name? there’s a lot of it), the author of Manhunt.

Arrrghhh. These fucking people are always making vague allusions to things and never cite a freaking source. What did JK Rowling say, verbatim? How did that result in this very American flavor of violence, a mass shooting? Please describe your analysis to me. Just once I would like to see the actual connections instead of vagaries that no one is allowed to question. Not that anyone will, because they don’t have it and don’t have to. And we are banned for asking.

"Intelligent enough"? You don't need to be intelligent to decide to ID as trans to avoid consequences, lol, do they think that's a genius thought or something?

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I guess he thinks he is the only TIM who is clever enough to identify as trans to get to invade women's spaces, rape and molest with impunity, and go to womens' prison where there's plenty rape victims for him if he ever is convicted for anything.

Perhaps that is behind TIMs ban on women only spaces - each one thinks he is the only AGP who would rape the vulnerable women in those spaces, and deludes himself that the other TIMs are all HSTS who would let him have his unwilling harem without ever attempting to get their piece of the rape cake, too.

They don't realize that they are not the tiniest bit more intelligent than other men, and that other men will of course do the very same thing to get access to vulnerable women, turning all those spaces into mixed sex spaces where TIMs don't have any more monopoly on access to women than in other spaces.

It is baffling just how stupid that guy is, but I guess ... the need to feel like you're intelligent is very strong, so if you are very stupid, you just have to assume other people are very, very, very stupid in order to feel superior to them.

(But he admits that Rowling is cleverer than the average male, lol)

Oh dear, it is really a modern witch hunt. They're every bit as irrational as the original witch hunters.

Shows that people as a whole haven't become any more rational over those centuries - modern idiots just say "psychology" instead of "magic" but still very much do not understand how the world around them works and believe that women can somehow make men commit crimes without even knowing said men.

Or they're lying about it for personal gain, which was also a thing in the original witch hunts ...

I think I might use 'nastycuntlikeJKR' as my handle next time I need one.

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