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"Feminine men aren't real men" is sadly a viewpoint shared both by MRAs and TRAs

Please explain, sir, exactly which men's spaces you feel are being invaded by women. I want you to list them out specifically. Are you talking about a men's book club, or dart club, or AA meeting, for example? Because I'd be open to arguments that you should be able to have some time with male friends if you want it. Or do you mean something more like, say, the universities, or the governments? Say it out loud, don't just hint vaguely that the feminists are oppressing you by not letting you have anything at all.

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Let's get one thing straight, trans-people are not Men. As a man, I take no "responsibility" in any sense, for anything a trans-woman does,. Which ever group into which any trans person falls, it is not under the category men. Trans men are not men either. And if Parker is worried about "men" invading women's spaces, please be aware women (and many trans men) have been invading men's spaces for years, spurred on deliberately by Feminism.