Dear bookstore

What did we learn here?

Don’t try to appease these people. They live to be victims

They live to be victims

Agreed, it is their whole identity.

So many of them were fine with it until some sanctimonious prig told them is was transphobic and bad, and they all immediately jumped on the righteousness bandwagon. Talk about holier than thou.

It must be exhausting living your live constantly on the look out for anything you say or think automatically becoming bigoted.

I mean, it is exhausting, because I fell into that social trap of always erring on the side of "that very innocuous thing is now bigoted because I say so" of my "friends".

I can’t even begin to imagine a way to find this offensive. To me it’s funny and cute. Surely if it’s so awful it would offend all of us?

That subreddit is 80% men at this point. I can’t hand out downvotes fast enough every time I go there.

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Well, centaurs are an all-male race that rape women all the time, and mermaids were considered female until the folklore was recently expanded to include both sexes, so it's easy to tell which one is the toilets for men and which one is the toilets formerly for women and now "all gender".

it's giving performative, not actually doing anything helpful

It's giving you a gender-neutral bathroom. You can use it no matter what you identify as, including, I assume, a fantastical half-beast, half-human creature.

Ableist bigotry!! Not everybody has hands! Oh the humanity! This should've had a trigger warning.