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Any woman who would call herself "cis" has no self-respect.

I still love how it's never "Trans people should make people afraid to be transphobes." It's "Trans people should make women afraid to be feminists."

Notice that they're not worried about the men who are actually abusing and hurting them.

They're only worried about women who don't want them in our spaces.

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Probably because so few men are, except the men who abuse TIFs just as they do any other women.

Men don't fear male violence. Since TIMs are less likely to be murdered than other men, it makes sense they're more concerned with the ego death they suffer when a woman tells them "no".

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Most TERFS I know are scared to be TERFS, myself included. I don't feel I can express my views freely for fear of losing my job, losing my social circle, or even being victim to violent threats.

The fear might curb my tongue but it cannot stop me knowing in my heart that men cannot be women, that men invading women's places are abusive, and that women cutting of their breasts are self-harming not self-actualising.

It doesn't matter how frightened they make us, we will never believe their toxic lies.

And increasingly we are finding more courage, more numbers stepping up and speaking out.

Creating fear is precisely how the TRAs have made so much headway. Fear of saying the wrong thing, fear of thinking the wrong thing, fear of offending, fear of social ostracism, fear of losing jobs, and yes fear of physical retribution.

They haven't succeeded through education, through legitimate campaigns, through logical argument. Obviously. Because they can't. So spreading fear and confusion, using intimidation, silencing, that's literally their only recourse.

They can't control our minds. We can smile and nod and be kind but they cannot control what we think and feel. Ever.

and it pisses them off so much. they hate when we don't immediately worship them and subtly exclude them out of our spaces. they know they can't control what we think, and that no one actually believes that TiMs are women.

Its funny when one of the delusional ones finally realize this then make a post about it.

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I don't appreciate the word TERF for a number of reasons. First of which is its a slur name they assigned for us and we seem to be embracing it. Secondly it others feminists ... as if being a terf and a feminist are not the same thing. It also others women. Easier to say Kill TERFS then kill women. Easier to also add a bunch of meanings (bigot, racist, right wing asshole, trumper etc) to the word that aren't there with feminists or women.

We are women after all and nothing changed about us since the day we were born. We are simply demanding that we be acknowledged as a class. And our rights as women be respected. We didn't all of a sudden become something else. Men merely singled us out for not going with their program.

I understand women embracing it much like the African American community embraced the N word.. but still I wish we would stop using it. Words mean everything and its with these words they started a war with us and women with themselves.

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You make some really good points and I agree. I am going to stop using it. It's a vicious label and it encourages/enables violence against women.

Edit: I'm sure you know this, but when I say "TERF" I mean "radical feminist who does not include TIMS in the definition of "women"". Male Exclusionary Radical Feminist is more accurate and I have seen people use the acronym "MERF". Personally I don't like "GC" for a bunch of reasons*. What is your preferred term?

*Edit again to include reasons I don't feel comfortable labelling myself GC: GC is being used to label right-wing/"traditional" standpoints. GC is easily misunderstood as implying that someone is being "critical" as in "judgemental/mean". "Gender" is usually understood by other people to mean something other than "oppressive gender stereotypes". The word "gender" has become an absolute quagmire of ambiguity, slipperiness, vagueness and sleight of hand.

Final edit!! I have seen a lot of "them" saying that "we" (radical feminists) came up with "TERF". So I am never sure if it is a slur or not. For real they use it as a slur now, but I don't know if that was its origin. Everyone seems to claim the other side came up with it.

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I don't really have a preferred term other than feminist. And we are the same feminists we used to be so nothing else needed. Using the world "radical" implies to me some kind of hard core or extreme position that isn't popular with the masses in some sort of militant way. And that was my first impression when I heard it. And thats how it seems to be packaged by the media to describe us. I think its also used to deter readers from understanding what the view points are. Suggest something is fringe or extreme and people will dismiss or defend their mind from it.

I am aware that there can be multitude view points in feminism so thats why the word radical exists so they can be compared and studied in that way. But from an outward facing or activism viewpoint it should be preferred to just say we are feminists overall. These are just my personal views here.

P. S. I didn't mention the can of worms that is feminism being invaded by MRAs. Its all such a mess. In the game of tennis, it can be said that one player is "dictating" the ball in play. And i feel like we've been playing the MRA game. Easier for them since they have the majority of the social media, mass media and messaging power.

Well, that is the goal of male socialization.

It's the whole basis of having a strong patriarchal system lol

It's the only thing they know how to do. It's the only reason they have power over us. Threats, violence, coercion.

Keep tryin clown, we’re not the ones afraid to be ourselves here…

Let’s bully women

And recruit other women to do it for us

While we pretend we belong in Women’s spaces

because we are women too

and because of the danger men pose to us.

Sure. And then you'll never, ever know for sure whether people really think you're a woman or are just placating you, and you'll get mad at that, instead.

Ha ha! Absolutely right. They're such fucking idiots. Why not just cut out our tongues. You think that will turn you into women? If no one can actually tell you you're not?

Oh look, more male behavior. Violence and telling women what to do to please them. What’s new?

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