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I really hate that he changed his name to Jessica Simpson, especially considering how badly the real Jessica Simpson is doing lately.

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If you pick a common name with a celebrity attached, it's harder to google you and find out what a creepy fuck you are and the government will help you by hiding the fact that you are a man.

Was going to say, I saw the name and I was like, huh? Then I remembered this was the wax-my-balls creep.

I wonder if he intentionally picked that name to steal a more well-known woman's identity. It wouldn't surprise me at all.

IIRC, one of the girls he was creeping on when he was trying to attach himself to the Cimorelli band was named Jessica. So common with these skin walkers.

I think he picked it in order to both steal her identity and to also make it easier to hide his own identity

Wasn't the original idea behind SlutWalks to wear what you wore when you were sexually assaulted? Iirc, the name was supposed to be ironic because many, if not most, women aren't dressed provocatively when they're assaulted.

Also, Yaniv can fuck off with his "radical feminism" and talking points he lifted from actual women.

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Yes, it wasn’t about “dressing like sluts” 🙄. It was in response to the police officer’s comment, but it was women wearing ordinary clothes. I remember seeing a photo of one young woman in track pants and a hoodie with a placard saying “This is what I was wearing when I was raped.” It was protesting that scumbag’s comment, not confirming it.

I tried looking up a source for it, but couldn't find anything. I'm certain I remember some women made a point of wearing what they were wearing while they were raped. In any case, any "protest" movement that has women dressed provocatively or completely naked is exploitative instantly undermines itself. All anyone sees is the provocation. SlutWalk came off as a protest movement for the right to dress "slutty".

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It was certainly corrupted to turn into that. As you say, utterly pointless.

I don’t think this is it. My college had these and the idea was to dress as little as possible

Hmm, I must be conflating two different protests/movements.

His objection to reclaiming the term "slut", is lifted from feminists though. We all know how TiMs overwhelmingly love the idea of being a slut, whore, bimbo, orwhatever.

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I see this as proof that rad feminism is gaining momentum with women.

Misogynistic men always use the same playbook:

  • Disparage feminists and call them names (man-hater, feminazi, terf)
  • Notice that women are avoiding them
  • Claim they are feminists in order to access women
  • Take over the movement
  • Neutralize it and make it serve men
  • Rinse and repeat

I can't wait to see men try to take over radical feminism. If Jonathan Yaniv thinks established radfems will be easy targets like those poor immigrant women he took to court, he is in for a rude awakening.

I don't think he will ever awaken. Those poor immigrant women were vindicated in court, but he didn't crawl into a hole and disappear.

Instead he "fell in the shower" daily so firefighters could "rescue" him.

They try to take everything from women. Such petty, jealous, insecure men.

Where oh where did he find time to post this, what with his busy schedule of trying to force women to wax his balls and making calls to the fire department to ask them to lift him out of his bathtub?

Oh god, that's this guy? No woman is ever required to touch some nasty man's balls. So glad he lost the case.

He’s still doing his part to keep words from meaning things. What a commitment.

Yeah, TIMs have been RIDing as radfems, sometimes even TERFs, because it's a like a "final frontier of woman colonization" for them. Obviously no man is any kind of woman, but pretending to be a kind of woman that believe no man (such as themselves) can be any kind of woman is clearly some kind of extra fetishy thrill for them. Men are twisted, what can I say? Sometimes I think the only cure for them is enough manual labour that would leave them no time for navel-gazing and developing into a degenerate.

He’s like some mythological monster. He attempts to morph into everything he envies. He envies everyone that rejects him. He’s a physical manifestation of greed.

I thought this was actually Jessica Simpson and how awesome this was. Wtf

Interesting that he of all people is claiming that women shouldn't be subjected to sexual violence, considering he has done just that in the past.

Also.. doesn't this read like a broken AI bot wrote this? He clearly doesn't understand what half the words he's using mean, and some of the transitions are odd at best.

Asking women to wax your balls isn't very radical, Mr. Yaniv.