you know what? Yeah, it's weird. It's weird that you can't be a man that wants to wear makeup while enjoying traditionally 'masculine' activities. It's weird that you have to call yourself a woman to do it. It's weird that you think the difference between a man and a woman is that a woman wears makeup.

Saying that womanhood is based on biology = offensive, disgusting, hurting people every day

Saying that womanhood is based on makeup and being cute = profound, brave, accurate

Not even "being cute" but based in the societal/cultural rituals of SUBORDINATION that is groomed into and forced onto us...

Tell me you're a guy in make-up and a dress without saying, 'I'm a guy guy in make-up and a dress.'

I liked John Wick one and two, but unfortunately when they added the woman killer, she was just so badly written. I also like beer. I don't like makeup. Wait, I forgot what I'm supposed to be then? A "bro" or a transwoman?

Save the tomboy, save the femmen, but everyone use the right bathrooms, m'kay?

“Emilia” Decaudin is another AGP “transbian.” He ran as a woman in a NYC district election and won, after being instrumental in dismantling the female representation rule established by the New York state Democratic Party around 100 years ago. The rule required equal representation of candidates (one man and one woman) in elections, and was campaigned for by the suffragettes.

Decaudin gloated about dismantling the female representation rule, and tweeted that TERFs can “suck his girldick.”



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I’m mildly surprised he still has any friends. Presumably they’re degenerate losers like him, crossdressers or not.

Theyre so stupid. I live in Asia where a lot of men wear makeup and touch up their makeup. Theyre still men and identify as so. UGHHHH