So she’s allowed to fear men if she uses the men’s room, but women aren’t allowed to fear men in the women’s room? I have never heard of a man beating up a trans woman in the men’s room. Trust me, if it has happened, TRAs would never shut up about it. However, women and girls have been assaulted or spied on by TIMs. We have actual crimes to prove our point.

[–] GCRadFem 17 points

Even if I were cis, I would likely want to as as I am gnc. I don’t always feel safe in purely male spaces.

Well, looky here. Admits to her biological reality as well as the unsafe nature of men.

But I thought that you were a man??? No brotherhood for you?

They never make a bit of logical sense. Ever.

Yeah, how dare this cis-passing gender non-conforming transman act as if there is something innately bad or scary about the MENZ. Some kind of TERF are they?

I thought it was somehow ‘trans misogyny’

This all comes back to this deeply tramsmisogynistic idea statistically proven for decades fact that men are a threat to women in women’s washrooms

Fixed it for her.

“Deeply transmisogynistic”, then references men. She absolutely knows transwomen are men.

[–] elin sandwich maker 7 points

The entire reason we have gender segregated restrooms is BECAUSE men are a threat to both women and their children in such a vulnerable and enclosed space.

Also because the men's restrooms have pissoirs and decent men don't want to be seen with their dicks out by women, and women don't want to see that.

But yeah, mostly because men are dangerous.

How do they manage to ignore the reams of evidence that both vanilla-flavour men and transwomen are a danger to women in restrooms and changing rooms? This is not propaganda! Get your heads out of your arses!!

Also, that this person is both "passing" and "non-GNC" I take it means, not that she looks like a gay man, but that she looks like a boyish girl. So she feels threatened in 'male spaces'. That is, by men. Who pose no threat to women in restrooms.

So saying "men are a danger to women" is deeply transmisogynistic? Can we say that dickheadshavers are a danger to women, or is that also "transmisogynistic"?