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Ive said it before and I'll say it again: I'm a scientist and ive noticed that tons of young trans have absolutely atrocious scientific understanding. It makes me wonder what's being taught in schools today. Especially when i was still in the GC debate sub on reddit ive heard:

  • TIMs fake vaginas can fool gynecologists (absolutely impossible, first and foremost because they are completely wrong positioned)
  • TIMs have XX chromosomes
  • taking artificial hormones magically transforms you into another sex
  • people with sexual deformities are a third sex, they actually find this offensive
  • TIMs are women who were "accidentally" born with cocks
  • if you have body hair, small tits or are black, you are less of a woman and vice versa
  • black women are barely women so TIMs should be recognized as women
  • everything about being born in the wrong body

There's so much more...

what about this one?


  • Someone can magically develop a penis or vagina at any point in their life.
  • A penis or a vagina have the same weight as "secondary sexual characteristics" as appearance and behavior
  • Environment and experience can help develop penises or vaginas
  • Biology only really happens in the brain
  • There's no such thing as a XY brain and a XX brain, therefore there's no difference in the brain of males and females, AND THIS SOMEHOW PROVES THAT TRANSGENDERISM IS A THING.
  • Also, it's radical feminists who insist on the idea that male brains are different from female brains
  • However, the sexually dimorphic nucleus of the preoptic area (sdnPOA) of gay men is closer to that of straight females than straight males
  • Also the brain of transgender people is different (how many contradictions are we in already?)
  • Social environment interferes in the production of sexual hormones
  • Condescending language throughout
  • Authored by a TIM transactivist

Jeez, these doctors will help biological males get pregnant but can't undo a simple hysterectomy? Just another example of sexism in medicine.

Superstraight has been a thing for barely 36 hours and it’s already a “literal Nazi dogwhistle” despite the fact that we can all see and verify exactly how it started. This person is so far outside of reality and is not realizing that the more crazed he sounds, the more he makes people peak. That’s before I even get to the “pregnant post-op TW” bit...

4chan got excited because the initials are SS. They didn't start it but they wish they did lol.

I sometimes think they are just confusing their own terms and don't know what is up and down anymore 🤣

When did education in western countries get this bad? We are really failing the younger generations if they don't understand basic biology.

HELP my eyeroll got stuck and now I can't see my feet

When that happens to me, I just bang my head against the wall a couple times. Unsticks the eyeballs and I feel so much better afterward!

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Joke aside he probably thinks of like an intersex woman whose fertility was made possible.

These kids are so impossibly confused about everything, that's a likely explanation.

I’d wager that he actually heard this lie from one of his groomers and just believed it.

There was a man who claimed to have gone through pregnancy

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Wasn't that a trans man ?

No there’s been a couple of tims who have done it. Both that I know also faked a miscarriage and sought ‘help’ from loss groups. There’s also a TIM who simulated a pregnancy and a still birth in a fb group and women who had really lost a baby got kicked out for objecting to his presence and his mockery of their pain.

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