I love how the part where the cops lie about his DNA, so that he will be among the 1% of rapists that get convicted. Sounds like he's been thinking about raping women/girls in the women's room for quite a long time.

[–] XxWomanxX 42 points Edited

This is a very male fear of being falsely accused of being a rapist instead actually being raped. He’s coming up with incel level conspiracy theories about women trying to get him. He can avoid his paranoia by simply using the men’s toilets or maybe if they have gender neutral toilets he could use them, instead of invading the women’s toilets thus avoiding contact with those evil terfs.

[–] shewolfoffrance 61 points Edited

Thank goodness men would have the decency to merely rape and kill you, I guess?

Seriously though, I don't know what state he's in (assuming he's in the USA), but his paranoia is just insane. The likelihood of some random woman getting him convicted of rape without DNA evidence, physical injuries consistent with sexual assault, security camera footage, or witnesses is...well, even less realistic than him passing as female.

If he's that worried about it, he can always try holding it in all day, like girls in schools with gender-neutral bathrooms do. Or he could carefully plan all outings around facilities with single-user disabled/family bathrooms. Now that he's a laydee, he can't expect public spaces to cater to his needs. Welcome to womanhood!

[–] friedparata 37 points Edited

we already have trouble getting rapists convicted with mountains of evidence. you could do everything right. you could get a rape kit first thing afterwards, send it to the police, take the dickhead to court.

but then his persecutor will pick you apart down to your very being, you will get accused of having "mental health issues" that caused you to "lie for attention" (Histrionic or Borderline), you will have forced mental health checkups and every trauma you went through, including the damn trauma response from being raped and from this dreadful court process will be used against you, to defend your rapist.

or maybe the police will just put away the rape kit and never give it any mind in the first place.

or maybe the rapist does get convicted, but gets out of jail after six months. this actually happens in my country.

exactly. this guy has no fucking clue how little justice women get for violence against them of any nature. you just get retraumatised then nothing is done if you go to the police.

the situation is the same here in the UK. even though its widely known and accepted that justice for the perpetrator is very important in helping victims heal from trauma.

also the fact that he says that getting raped or killed would be a better outcome than being accused of rape speaks fucking volumes.

he has absolutely no idea. probably thinks it'd be fun or somehow validating.

yes, or if it does get to court they tell the survivor that they will tell the court that they tried to commit suicide and "ruin their life and future prospects" if they try to bring their best witness. my mother is a teacher and was a witness for a CSA case with a male teacher who did despicable things to a little boy, but the man got to go free because they scared the boy and his family into not bringing her as a witness.

(witness being that she didn't see the acts directly but it could be proved by her testimony)

You heard it here, folks. Going to jail is worse than being raped and possibly murdered.

This asshole is delusional. Rape is notoriously one of the hardest crimes to get a conviction for, and a prosecutor usually won't touch it with a 10-foot pole unless the evidence is ironclad.

Also equating women being sexually assaulted with 'sob stories' is just so misogynistic. Tell me you're not a woman without telling me you're not a woman.

If the consequences of using the men's room are less scary to you than your imagined consequences of using the women's room, use the fucking men's room! Stay out of women-only spaces! What's so hard about this?

So wait, he'd be telling the truth about men raping him, but women lie about rape?

[–] hmimperialtortie 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈 37 points

Then stay the fuck out of our spaces. Yes, you are a pervert and no, men are extremely unlikely to attack you. Run a mile from you, more like.

[–] Eava 30 points

I love all these TIMs who want to keep their dick, yet insist they are impotent and incapable of having penetrative sex. But they also manage to impregnate women on a regular basis. But go on about how your doctor can explain how you are physically incapable of rape because you are trans.

[–] Committing_Tervery alien/ufoself 👽🛸 9 points

Right? What kind of quack doctor would testify that shit in court? These drugs still enable men to get erections.

So male. Lol.

I mean, I'm glad if he uses the mens' room, as that where he belongs and where he won't make any women uncomfortable.

But it's so, so, so male.

No woman was ever afraid of being falsely accused of anything after being alone with another adult who she worries might mean her harm.

It is a male privilege to worry about being falsely accused - that means that that's the only thing anyone can do to them!

(Women do not even worry about this sort of thing even when it's warranted. I have never ever heard a woman complain that she doesn't want to babysit for fear that the children could accuse her of mistreating them. Even though Mumsnet is full of "my mother in law fed my child food X that I don't want my child to eat, I hate her now" threads.)

All I could think reading that is that this guy has already raped and gotten away with it. And is afraid that if he keeps raping he might eventually have to face consequences.

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