They don't get it. Men's feelings are of zero value compared to women's rights/safety. And the complete irrelevance of men's feelings doesn't change even if those men want to play make-believe "woman".

Yes. That assumption is so internalized, so pervasive, they are unaware of it.

And it continues...

"Saying 'trans women's feelings are more important' is absolutely different from saying 'the positive change in trans women's feelings is greater than the negative change in women's feelings when they have a smaller chance of becoming a top athlete.'

Ah. So, to become a “top athlete” I will cheat and erase all the women who worked to become a “top athlete”. And my feelings about being a woman are more important than the accomplishments those women might have achieved.

Translation: here, let me step on you, and be glad about it because it makes me feel happy.

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These men are not even top athletes. They’re mediocre athletes who cheat.

You are absolutely correct. In their tiny little minds, taking a top spot in a women's race makes them a "top athlete".

Despite the fact that we are universally derisive. They don't hear the derision, they hear "woman's race winner" and are validated.

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What’s the “unlikely” thing Mr Creepazoid is talking about?

None of these men should be “accepted” in the way they demand, not anywhere. They are not women. They are delusional at best and for most of them I don’t think even that is the case - they are lying predators.