God this is depressing to read - and she can’t make the connection at all.

She established I take T. I said yes, I have been on it for 5 years, and on this exact same dose for over 4 years…I explained that this has literally never happened in all of those years

“I’ve smoked 20 a day for years and never got emphysema before, it can’t be the smoking that caused it!”

I’m apparently the 2nd person taking T with extreme fatigue

How many students at this uni are on T? I’m guessing it’s very few. And two of them have extreme fatigue? Does she just think that’s a huge coincidence?

[–] wishforsanity [OP] broke mom's bra 34 points

"Doc, I've been taking 15 shots of vodka a day since I was 25. I'm 45 now and my skin and eyes are suddenly yellow. What could it be?"

[–] ProxyMusic 29 points Edited

Funny how all those cigarette smokers who died of lung cancer were able to smoke for decades without coming down with cancer... until, that is, they finally did.

When another poster recommends that she invent symptoms to get the medical attention she feels is her due, she says that she draws the line at lies of commission coz she doesn't want to get sent for needless costly tests or end up being misdiagnosed. But lies of omission are fine with her if she thinks they will help her get her way:

I am no stranger to not telling doctors the full story to get literally any help.

She sounds so ignorant. So what, she's been on this dose of testosterone for four years? Boys often are on the same dose of natural testosterone for four years or even longer before they start growing beards. It's called puberty. The effects don't happen immediately.

Why would it be different with the effects she doesn't want?

And to so blatantly disregard the opinion of a medical professional ... wow.

Is it only me or does it sound like the doctor has seen many more TIFs, and just lost patience with them recently, hence sending them to the endocrinologist?

I'd imagine a doctor who only sees this for the second time would have asked more questions than just "Do you take testosterone?" For someone to develop a prejudice they have to either hear the same thing through media a lot (certainly didn't happen here, media cover it up), or to have personally experienced it a lot.

People are prone to prejudices because they save time. A man who has a knife stuck in his back could have back pain due to completely unrelated issues, but the most likely explanation is the knife.

And while doctors shouldn't immediately jump from "Diabetes type II?" to "Clearly you must be overweight, lose weight, that will solve it", it is understandable why they do it, as in like 90% of cases, that's exactly how it is.

Someone who has chronic testosterone poisoning could theoretically have Long Covid, sure, but it being due to the testosterone is much more likely. Heck, even if it is Long Covid, it might be related to the breast-binding.

(Perhaps TIFs will do something for science, at least? The production of excess testosterone in the adrenal glands in women hasn't been studied nearly enough, and fatigue can be caused by chronic stress and hyperactive adrenal glands, so ... perhaps all those women dosing themselves with artificial testosterone will allow some insight into those health issues? Not that the possible scientific findings would ever have justified this large-scale human experimenting ... and it is done even without attempting to find out anything whatsoever.)

I think the problem is doctors have no idea how to figure out what is wrong with a woman taking massive doses of T for years. What could it do to the body, how can you separate that out from other conditions, what would normal test results be for a female on high T doses? That is why they want to send these people back to their endocrinologist, GPs can't be expected to know how to diagnose and treat people who are a cocktail of cross sex hormones and hormone suppressors.

Context, I’m a college student and I already owe hundreds in medical debt (not even for transition stuff), struggle to afford my own T which tripled in price last refill, and pay bills independently.

We don't talk about this aspect as much, but it's so evil to convince young, economically disadvantaged people to waste thousands of dollars on harmful, unnecessary medical treatments. This young woman should be having the time of her life at college, making friends and soaking up knowledge.

She's becoming a teacher! "I'm in my senior year of my education program - one year from now I'll be teaching elementary school kids." (from a different thread, but same person).

Oh of course she is 🙄 she’s gotta go make little activists and talk about pronouns

What a shining example she will be of the kind of man every little girl should want to grow up to be. A sterile geriatric patient.

A doctor who doesn't know how to treat a particular patient is doing the right thing by telling them to seek out a doctor who does.

More to the point, it's standard practice for doctors to tell patients that they need to see the doctor who has prescribed a medication for any problems that medication might be causing.

Even if it might be something else, wouldn't it make sense to see the doctor prescribing a medication for side effects, possible interaction between the two etc.?

File a formal complaint with your school and go to the urgent care. This is blatant medical malpractice and discrimination.

Yep, it's "discrimination" when a medical professional questions the fact that you're constantly doping with high doses of opposite sex hormones that cause plenty of damage to women in doses that aren't even that high. A hormone that causes heart attacks in women in those doses. I bet if she had a heart attack directly related to the testosterone, she'd get angry at the medical professionals pointing it out, too.

Why do they refuse to acknowledge that the hormones could be causing problems? I mean, I guess I know why, but it's depressing how much they refuse to face the facts. I've even seen them argue with others online that "cis people don't have problems from their hormones like this!" as if "cis people" of the sex they want to be are doping like they are, instead of their bodies naturally producing normal levels of hormones for their sex.

[–] ProxyMusic 15 points Edited

I've even seen them argue with others online that "cis people don't have problems from their hormones like this!"

Just goes to show how totally self-absorbed and myopic they are. If they could see beyond their own mirrors and selfies, they'd understand that girls with classic CAH and women with PCOS, LOCAH, endocrine tumors and certain rare tumors that arise during pregnancy do indeed "have problems from their hormones like this." Millions of people have disorders and dysfunction of metabolism due to hormone problems. Have TIFs never heard of conditions like diabetes, insulin resistance, Hashimoto's, liver failure and disease-related pancreatic insuffiiciency?

The horrible longterm health histories and shortened lives of the former female athletes in East Germany who were doped on androgens during their pre-teens, teens and early adult years in the 60s, 70s and 80s certainly illustrate that "cis people" of the female sex who take large amounts of exogenous anabolic steroid hormones suffer many ill effects from it.

don't men who take steroids run into health issues too ? I thought we'd established long ago that testosterone wasn't something to just play with, even though in the short term it increased muscle density and adrenaline or whatever... what a mess

[–] wishforsanity [OP] broke mom's bra 4 points

Bodybuilders are sounding the alarm that ‘extreme’ steroid use is leading to deaths in the sport, and it’s only getting worse. It's not transphobic to say that high levels of Testosterone have serious side effects on both male and female bodies.

Their bewilderment makes sense in the context of how much they've been lied to about what the opposite sex hormones and surgeries actually accomplish...and what they don't. A lot seem to convince themselves that they've literally left their 'birth sex' and physically changed into the opposite, and are confused and angry when material reality bursts their bubble. See also: TIMs trying to rationalize 'stealthing' as their sex being something they left in the past and something that should be no longer relevant to the people whose sexual orientations they're attempting to violate.

All the TIF Google doctors

“It’s totally not T, it’s COVID”

Also the TIF Google doctors

“We all have similar symptoms and were told it was T, then shopped around for a doctor willing to say it’s NOT T, alternative diagnosis not yet found”

[–] itsnotaboutewe 22 points Edited

The patient knows it's the T but she will go from doctor to doctor until she finds one willing to say it has nothing to do with T and to reassure her she hasn't done this to herself. She knows, but her eagerness to be percieved as a man is stronger than her commonsense and her desire to live a pain-free normal life combined. I think she even knows it's not reversible now and that every day she continues makes it worse but just refuses to take responsibility for the actions her teenage self did to her adult self.

I was heartened by how many people shared stories of their doctors trying to get them off T. Even if doctors aren't standing up as a group to say "this is insane" some of them ARE trying to stop it when it causes problems.

This woman wants the poor doctor is probably correctly diagnosing her and sending her to the right place for treatment to “validate her feels” by picking a random treatment that won’t help because she can’t afford to go back to the doctor who prescribed her the testosterone in the first place.

The cruelty of the US’s healthcare system aside, this is not how medicine works. You can’t walk into a random doctor’s office and demand they solve any problem you throw at them. Specialists train for years for a reason and they can’t magically gain that knowledge by a patient walking in with a specialist issue. It is not bigotry and you shouldn’t report the doctor for it!

This depresses me so much. And American Girl is promoting this to young girls.

American Girl jumped the shark when they started getting rid of the historical characters.

So she referred her to a specialist aka thr T provider. Seems reasonable

[–] sarstan 6 points Edited

On another post she says: "I'm picking a whole new chosen name. Original is super fem and linked to a lot of memories of abuse, next name is super masc, I'm choosing a gender neutral but more "rugged" name now..." and she's autistic. It was practically inevitable. And scariest of all: "I'm in my senior year of my education program - one year from now I'll be teaching elementary school kids."

Interesting that she's edging away from "man" to."gender neutral". There seems to be a TM to NB pipeline for women as well as a NB to TM.

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