"So they express their gender by liking boy things or girl things"

Dude just reiterated the problem the other person pointed out. Liking "boy things" does not make one a boy and vice versa. What kind of response is that? Just saying it's okay?

I remember hearing this argument probably decades ago. The concept is that children are born 'knowing their gender' and as they grow up they express it by choosing the behaviours, toys, etc. that represent that 'gender'. Ie not 'if a boy plays with girl things he must be trans' but rather 'a child with a deep inner understanding that she is a girl will express that understanding by playing with girl things'. Of course this begs the question of what girl and boy things are, and how a child somehow 'knows' which 'gender' they are irrespective of their physical body, but that's the way they explain it.

It’s even more ridiculous because who decides what “boy things” and “girl things” even are? In 1900, pink was a boy color, and blue a girl color. Kilts are for men, but they are skirts. In America, math is seen as more a boy study, but if you go to most Asian countries, they don’t have this “girls are bad at math” attitude. What if trucks and dolls didn’t even exist? It could have arguably been any toy that society decides to dictate as boy or girl toys! Does playing with a neutral toy, like Playdough, mean you’re nonbinary? What if, in 50 years, Playdough becomes only a girl toy?

There was a great study many years ago that attempted to demonstrate that primates understood 'gendered' toys--that male juvenile apes/chimpanzees 'naturally' played with trucks and female juvenile apes/chimpanzees 'naturally' played with dolls and kitchen tools. I might kind of buy the idea that female primates would be drawn to 'baby' toys, but what possible argument could there be that male primates would 'naturally' play with trucks?

This is exactly the attitude of one of the tims who floats around my social circle while everyone claims he’s a progressive. I said once years ago I’d dress my sons in pink (and I do!) and he told me that doing that erases trans identity. That’s when I started rethinking trans crap. I was pregnant with my first child at the time and didn’t know the sex.

he told me that doing that erases trans identity

What a clown. His entire “identity” is built on regressive stereotypes. I can’t wait for this TRA house of cards to collapse.


A TRA, the OOP, makes post calling people who don’t want to medically trans underage kids “Nazis.”

A person asks why the rigid gender roles imposed by adults, by society, are a valid reason to let children believe they are born in the wrong body just because they are different. They (rightly) argue that this is the opposite of progressive.

OOP answers that they see no problem with it, with zero critical analysis as to WHY young children are calling stuff “boy things” or “girl things” to begin with.

OOP didn’t even watch the video before posting it, I guess. One of the children wanted to be trans because she didn’t fit into her kindergarten class as a GNC girl, and her parents just kinda went with it instead of genuinely supporting her being different. Now she’s 15 and sounds by her voice that she’s on hormones.

Then OP doubles down brainlessly calling people who don’t buy into drugging kids for genderwoo “Nazis.”

That entire thread is so cringe and “Reddit”. One of the posters was saying this is the worst timeline and I’m like…no, sweaty, it ain’t.

My favorite part is the attempted wrist slap at the end. "And you're right, I will make your internet number go down. Let that be a lesson to you to never ask questions again"

A. Not how you spell defenseless. B. You’re a man… So of course you can’t know what it’s like to not be as strong as the sex you really are.

Does it never get tiresome to post such bad logic?