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I can't believe this shit "if you're uncomfortable with your body developing you can ask your GP to pause it so you can think about your gender" (loosely)


Most children are afraid of change. Lots of changes during puberty are scary... I mean... How can anyone be stupid enough to not think that the best option is to LET THINGS HAPPEN NATURALLY!?!?!

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Having just started sex education with my eldest, I can assure everyone it's not just American Girl. Lots of useful, tried and true brands and books have updated to include gender bullshit. I had to find older copies of some books I wanted in order to avoid it. The pediatrician's office had just recommended one of the AG books a few months ago--I hope they stop given this new title/edition.

I wanted a nose job as a teenager. It depressed me. By virtue of this book, I should have changed my nose instead of learn to love and value myself. Same for being flat chested. I guess I should have had implants at 12.

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As a 13-year old I decided the first thing I would do when I got a job was save up for breast reduction surgery. I hated my breasts so much it made me cry and run out of the store when I went to be fitted for my first bra. I used to draw caricatures of my hateful disgusting breasts in my diary. I truly hated them.

Today would I have been encourage to have them cut off? I would have jumped at the chance.

Not liking your body during puberty is NORMAL and COMMON especially for girls who are told their bodies are by default wrong. The reason is partly the nature of puberty and the terrifying weird changes your body goes through outside of your control. And partly patriarchy allow girls to experience sudden sexualisation of their bodies without their consent/readiness, and partly patriarchy telling girls they have to look a certain way to be of value.

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This. I desperately wanted breast implants for the longest time. Finally got over it at what, 22-23? It's really easy to forget the amount of pressure teen girls/young women experience regarding their appearance.

Yeah, tons of older books are being updated to include gender bullshit. Parents need to look for editions published at least before 2015.

This reminds me of the fucked up puberty version of AMAZE - including saying that 'it's okay for you to want to get surgery to change your breasts' and in the boy version, "It's ok to look at porn" Girl version, "You may have crushes"

“Parts of your body may make you feel uncomfortable, and you may want to change the way you look," the book says at one point, according to the report. "That's totally OK!"

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It is infuriating. Book written by a TIM or a TRA. When will the everyday woman wake up and raise holy hell? This would not be happening without the participation of women in the entire ideology.

It was written by a young woman who has a BA and MFA in children’s literature (writing). She is obviously a TRA. I think there should be a rule that only people 55-years-old and older can write children’s books. Less of a chance they’ll be a TRA.

Everything about all this is so hypocritical.

The same people tell the right to stop indoctrinating children with their religion and gender norms… So they can step in and indoctrinate them with gender ideology.

Just leave them alone! On both sides. Why must everything always be an extreme?

I’m so glad I’m not a parent, or a child in this landscape. I feel for these girls and their parents.

Guess what? With the extraordinary amount of transgender people in existence now, before all this craziness was happening proves you don’t to indoctrinate children to have them know they have options.

But then you wouldn’t be able to convince the rest of the children they’re also part of the cult, would you?

Not a guarantee, though. Gayle Forman is 52 and recently wrote a book about a transitioned child.