Love these replies.

I just looked through your “likes” and it is ALL porn. Do you not feel embarrassed at all that you only seem to use twitter for cartoon pornography?


Enjoys the objectification of the female figure + has a problem with a woman defending her womanhood. Just another day in Patriarchy


They just straight up threaten people with the possibility of not liking them. They're a social media Gestapo. They have to be peaking more people...but there's no way of finding the honest numbers.

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They just straight up threaten people with the possibility of not liking them. They're a social media Gestapo.

They claim this is simply "consequences for free speech." Sure, there are consequences, but they should happen organically. So and so said something I didn't like so I decided not to buy their shit anymore. That would be fair.

This however is a group of people intentionally trying to ruin others for wrongthink. Not only is Rowling bad and deserves to be ruined for it, but you're bad for liking anything she says too and you should also be ruined.

That tweet is so fucking condescending. And I'm pretty sure it's a threat. What a joke of a movement.

Yea the whole “i bet your fans hope it was a mistake” or whatever, is coercive control.

Imagine being held hostage by your own fan base

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It's up to Hamill to decide whether he can think and speak independently or not. I'm not his personal accountant, but I'm pretty sure he's not going to end up homeless if he stops catering to the genderwoozy.

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She is insulting a trans woman for being trans? Where? All JKR did in this tweet is disagree that this TIM is more of a woman than her. She didnt even say anything to imply the "trans woman" isnt a woman or insult him back or anything. They really prove over and over again that all a woman has to do to be a "transphopic bigot" is to not agree with them on literally everything they say.

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Didn't he like JKR's first tweet about this stuff in dec 2019? And got mobbed? Then apologized saying he hadn't understood and gave in? Was that him?

Edit. it was. I found the tweet. He knows exactly what's up and what it means to like her tweet. He's been through the grinder before.


Thanks for looking this up! I certainly agree, he must know what he's doing.

Totally not a mistake 😏. Based Mark Hamil.

I hope more celebrities start liking and retweeting JKR when it comes to the trans movement bs.

It’s just hilarious how some people feel entitled to police others’ opinions.

He liked Bette Midler's "TERFy" tweet, before the TRAs noticed and dog piled him into removing it. I'm honestly surprised he's holding out so long this time around! Maybe the TPAs have finally peaked him and he's going to go the way of JKR lmao.

On another note - how is it acceptable to TPAs for Himdia to say something like this, but JKR's reply isn't? I thought they believed gatekeeping womanhood and implying that some women weren't woman enough or were less woman than others wasn't allowed** because it's tRaNsPhObIc!!!1!! Or does that not count when males (both of gender and not) and their handmaiden do it to women who don't agree with the cult-think? 🤔

** Unless they're trying to use their racism against black women to try and justify letting literal males into our spaces, ofc

What I love about this is that JKR is witty and composed while Himdia's screaming about how pretty and feminine he totally is.

What I love about this is that JKR is witty and composed while Himdia's screaming about how pretty and feminine he totally is.


How would some weirdo on Twitter know what’s “in character” for Mark? That’s just a bizarre statement. Is he confusing Mark with Luke? Afaik Luke Skywalker never made his position on gender ideology clear either lol. Or do these parasocial consoomers assume that because Mark played a Good Guy, then of course he must agree with whatever they think is correct?

They assume that because someone created something or participated in a role they like, that they must agree with them because under postmodernism aesthetics are ethics. Plus they're all mentally unwell and have no real lives or friends outside of the internet, so yeah, they fall for parasocial consumerism.

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I believe you mean the joker. Mark Hamill is the best joker ;)

I think most nerds under forty associate Hamill with The Joker before they associate him with Luke Skywalker.

On a semi-related note, I'm still sad about Kevin Conroy. And the TRAs are dicks to do this to Hamill so soon after Conroy's death.

I'm definitely a star wars nerd very over 40 but I'm on a one woman mission to remind everyone that mark Hamill isn't just Luke. He's had a great career after star wars, but I largely agree with you (at least until the sequel trilogy came out)

Truth about Conrad. That whole show was just busting with talent.

Luke Skywalker had TERF bangs. If MH accepted to play him, then it's pretty obvious whose side he is on.

That said, I don't remember exactly what he said, but I think he was one piling on JKR a while ago, so I am expecting his apologies in a couple of days.

Lmao the way JK Rowling tweets have gone nuclear + the amount of likes is just 😍😍😍 I fangirl so hard for her lol

I love that she cares less about being nice the more TRAs show their true colors. Before she was like, "trans people are valid. But can we just have a few penis free spaces for female rape victims, please?".

Now she's like, "We all know you're not a fucking woman, India! Your lipstick doesn't beat my uterus!!" 🤣

Rowling was a libfem before they pushed her into the TERF Zone. And we're all happy to have her here

Same. I never really thought about her before she came out as GC because I wasnt into the Harry Potter books or movies. Then I was like, wait… the wizard lady is based?!

I adore her for doing what needs to be done with class and courage. Just by existing as a defiant woman she’s exposing the misogyny of TRActivism.

I remember reading, as a young girl, that she was one of the first self-made female billionaires and to me that's always been so badass. The way men have a stranglehold on wealth and resources and we're not really allowed to say it out loud, and she did it by herself. I'm pro-capitalism (although it does need to be controlled to avoid monopolies and too much power/corruption IMO), and the thought of a radical feminist actually wielding institutional power is badass to me forever.

She def is and has always been a badass. Very powerful energy emanating off of her

Isnt it pathetic that TRAs scour the "like lists" of celebrities on Twitter & Instagram to root out wrongthink? These people need to touch some grass

I really hope Hamill (and his management team) aren't guilted into backing down and denouncing JKR. He's got more than enough "fuck you money" to join Team TERF.

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