Reptiles and fish are pretty neat, but we’re mammals.

When someone pointed out that human biology doesn't work that way, he replied that there "isn’t a set of rules for how biology works in humans and how it works everywhere else". I can't be believe he isn't actually trolling.

He’s got to be trolling.

Temperature cannot affect the sex of placental mammals! 😂

Oh boy, wait until he hears what some snails can do!

According to Zoomer's mum, "sNaiLs aRe iNtErSeX" (not hermaphrodite, as in, the standard reproductive system of certain animals - including snails - in which one organism produces both male and female gametes).


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Also "having skin" is an oppressive white-supremacist narrative that's biologically inaccurate regardless of what you read on those outdated biology books back in high school! Did you know that certain creatures have FEATHERS, other creatures have SCALES, and some microbes even only have a MEMBRANE?


Being a bipod is also a myth because OCTOPUSES and SPIDERS and CENTIPEDES!

  1. Seahorses do this because of their biology, not because they feel as though they were born into the wrong body, lol

  2. I never thought I would engage in an argument where my response has to simply be, "Humans are not seahorses"

wHo aRe yOu tO pOLiCe wHaT hUmANs cAn oR cAnNoT bE?

If I say I'm a sea horse because I "feel like a sea horse" and have been "living as a seahorse" for 2 years, I AM a sea horse, how dare you?

Also you've clearly "forgotten" to mention and validate transseamares, how dare you, you transseahorsephobic?

LMAO! This reminds me of that South Park episode where Gerald transitions into a dolphin and Kyle into a transracial black boy, haha!

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Great work. Now find even one human being who has changed sex.

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I can't breathe underwater like the eel just because I "feel" like an eel.

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