How long do you think it will take before pronouns-in-bio goes the way of trans*, folx, and womxn, and we get blamed for it?

TERFs forced everyone to put pronouns in their bio to force trans people to out themselves and violate their privacy!! OMG the horrors never end, is there anything TERFs won't do to hurt trans people??? 😡

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I had someone come in and ask me "What does 'latinks' mean?" and it took a moment for me to realize they had seen someone use "latinx" and I had to explain it. Luckily, this person had the same reaction that I do to this nonsense, so it was a win! Still, I felt a pang of sadness having to explain to someone that this term even exists.

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That’s how I always want to pronounce it (mentally, this only being an online US thing here).

Tbh im in favour of more TRAs refusing to put pronouns in their bios for whatever reason. Its helps stop normalising it as "the right thing to do" and allows me not to without people assuming im transphobic.

I’m going to respond to any patronizing comment about me not understanding something or not being entitled to an opinion because I’m not trans with “I love that you think I am cis”. Because I don’t want people thinking I am a TIM because I’m a woman, but also then I can also say whatever I want and nobody can say anything because Trans people have that privilege. And also I just like messing with them with their own logic.

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This is also technically true, because we don’t identify as cis, as we’ve shouted repeatedly to the hills. I also don’t identify as “agender,” so the only way to explain my position on this is to explain that I don’t believe in any of the ideology at all, which is outing myself, and I’d say outing oneself as a nonbeliever is as dangerous in many places now (if you want friends or even employment) as outing yourself as trans.

So saying “interesting you think I am cis,” and then refusing to clarify for your privacy’s sake, puts them in the position of respecting you for once- they can’t force you to disclose your gender identity nor lack thereof- and you needn’t explain any further.

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Now that's it's been legally upheld in a court, they have changed the goalpost. I'm so glad it happened.

If I clocked one in public, I would be loud in asking them if they prefer she/her or they/them so everyone knew who they were. That would be my allyship activism.

This is actually a good thing. I hope this perspective becomes the norm among TRAs. Maybe it would help end all the forced pronoun situations.

Soooooo this is what we can now say during pronoun circles, right?

Their goal here will probably be that we have to put our pronouns in our bios and they don't

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