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I didn't know this word, so I educated myself:

a state in hermaphroditic systems that is characterized by the development of male organs or maturation of their products before the appearance of the corresponding female product thus inhibiting self-fertilization and that is encountered commonly in mints, legumes, and composites and among diverse groups of invertebrate animals

I mean, if you want to pretend to be a peanut, you can just invent legume gender 🥜

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I came here to do this exact thing. I didn't know mints could change sex! I'm totally impressed with mints! Men, not so much.

[–] Turtlefuzz [OP] Gender Outlaw 🤠 11 points

I didn't either, it's pretty cool! I guess I should thank this random TRA for teaching me something lmao

They don't have to invent a new gender to be nuts, but it helps.

Conspiracy theory: Mr. Peanut faked his death to start a new life as Ms. Peanut.

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Humans are not sequential hermaphrodites. We already have a word for what these dysfunctional male Homo sapiens are: autogynphiles.

Typical that he chose to bring up only protandry and not protandry and protogyny both. TRAs are so male-supremacist and misogynistic that sequential hermaphroditism matters to them only when it goes the way TIMs want to go - male to female. Bet they have no idea that it can also go in the female-to-male direction that TIFs aim to emulate. So much for "inclusivity."

His little circle pic is so male, totally male, NOBODY would not see a guy. You'd think these TIM would use their best photoshop fake doctored pic for that, but nope. Just a guy.

he’s trying to get a wig installed to look like his female filer photo from Snapchat. The rest of his posts are about what a lesbian he is. This individual is not stable and just another man I don’t want to have to coddle in women’s spaces.

One definition is integral to discussions of sex and gender in humans, the other has literally nothing to do with it.

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What is with these people and saying crap like "clownfish are sequential hermaphrodites" "snails have both male and female sex organs" and "slime molds have 500 sexes" as though that has anything to do with most vertebrates whatsoever, let alone human beings.

Should just threaten to hold their breath at such an reasonable request, then stomp their feet and cry. Oh, the horror of being asked what a woman actually is.

Not all humans have blood because some vegetables have sap.

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