Don't you just hate when you subconsciously change your sex?

Oh yes. You know how chameleons change colors? That's basically me, except I randomly grow a dick. It's such a bother every time :(

One? Ive already grown 15 dicks workout noticing, I'm starting to run out of place to put them

Maybe you can sell them on Etsy, customers love homegrown dicks :)

What I love as a woman with PCOS is that treatments haven’t changed in 20 years but now medical professionals are telling me I’m just not female now. Hey, that means I don’t need medical treatment! That’s what I’m getting from this.

Congratulations! No more worries about lower fertility, just make some sperm and you're all set!

(Seriously though, I hate that we haven't developed better treatments and that you've been othered like that.)

Lowered fertility is the least of our worries with PCOS. It has many long term complications possibilities and adverse health effects, but reproductive and hormonal issues are the best known because they're the only ones doctors care about.

I know. I was being silly for purposes of this thread.

I'm sick of meeting patients with PCOS who have been struggling since they were preteens and have only been told "don't worry about it until you decide to get pregnant."

Meanwhile it's been ten or twenty years and other medical problems related to PCOS have gone unaddressed.

I want to give you some hope that it's absolutely not true that the fertility aspect is the only thing we doctors care about.

A lot of us have PCOS too.

I'm sorry you've been treated that way.

I would like more information please. Do I sometimes grow a penis in my.sleep? Do my chromosomes secretly change to XY at times? What times and why? Do my hormones become unbalanced so thar they match those of a natal male (this is the ONLY reason I can think of thar this nurse would say that, and they would still be wrong).

I am hoping it's like a 12-year-old who thinks they sound smart and no one on the internet will know the difference.


She referring to Female and Male menopauses?

That, PCOS and other hormonal issues is my guess.

I hope this person is a very low level nurse.

The Trans Community is tiny, it their goddamn ALLIES aren't. It's kind of like having Cult members everywhere.

Oh don't worry everyone, I am also A Nurse with a MPHD+ (which is an advanced Medical PHD for you non-nurses) so I am very experienced, and I can say for a fact that I have ONLY EVER seen Cis Male and Cis Females exchange sexes on Wednesdays.

I am also a secret spy for the CIA which I shouldn't be posting here, but luckily the internet is mostly anonymous so it's cool. This is why secret spy stuff only ever happens on WEDNESDAYS! Because secret spies exchange our sexes (sometimes by accident) to be more spy-like.

I think I'd recognize if I randomly sprouted a penis lmao

So that is why i have spontaniously changed sex at least 5 times the past month!

Please tell me this person isn't really a nurse.

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When you drunk tweet and then are too ashamed to go back and entertain the conversation.

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