Once again TRAs make it clear they loathe gender nonconformity.

About a decade ago I started getting the “But don’t you question your gender identity Doxxy, youre so tall and forceful”. No I don’t cuz regardless that I’m an outlier on height I’m still a woman. My husband has been getting the same bs (he’s shorter and quieter than I am). Absolute proof that transcultists hate GNC-ness, we are an affront to their conservative gender “norms”.

[–] hmimperialtortie 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈 17 points

And their “norms” are more rigid than most Western society, as well as being pornsick.

I have never met people more conservative than TRAs, and I have family who are Southern Baptist.

I have a few aunts who are as tall, or taller than their husbands. If I can re-re-appropriate a certain saying, there's no wrong way to be a woman.

Oh you know us TERFs, always going on about... large-handed females ?_?

TBH, I get a little bored of all the posts here complaining about cervix-havers with good spatial reasoning.

My first girlfriend told me she was attracted to my large hands. She thought they were quite nice.

Whatever floats your boat! (Maybe I didn’t read into this enough? :-)

[–] Turtlefuzz Gender Outlaw 🤠 12 points

I'm not super tall (5'7") but I have size 10.5 feet. My sister is 5'11" and wears size 11.

How exactly do you lovely women plan to crucify me and my sister for our genetics? Just want to plan ahead and wear the appropriate shoes lol

Huh, how come I've never seen or heard of this list of rules then?

If there's interest, I will design a dress code. Pearls are mandatory (for clutching).

Damn, I guess I'm kicked out of the club. I'm 6'1" and not the least bit feminine.

Please spare a few of those inches. About 2 or 3 of 'em? I'm so tired of being a short :(

I'm 5'10" and am just about to place an order for men's size 11 hiking boots. Guess that means I'm not female. Just ignore the uterus.

[–] legopants 6 points Edited

Okay 👌 🥴 even if this was what any radfem thought (it's real simple actually, be biologically female) that still provides some type of defining words for women vs "feel like one" and nothing else or some abstract idea list of femininity that could also just as much apply to someone you'd call ""cis"" ..

[–] hmimperialtortie 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈 5 points

I bet their “female is a feeling” wouldn’t count if any actual tall, size-10-feet women said to them “I am a woman because I feel like one. How dare you misgender me!”

Imagine the cognitive dissonance. Their alleged brains would melt and dribble out of their ears.

This is hilarious. I think Ovarit is the only place I'd come to discuss hirsutism/PCOS symptoms because it's my only single sex space now, can't even request female doctors at the minute.

Women's network at work - gone Female colleagues - woke but also can't speak GC at work for fear of being accused under equality and diversity rules. Female friends - gone (libfem woke handmaiden misogynists). Sports groups - corona but also don't want to play sports with men.

I too have size 11 feet. Didn't know this made me a dude now and if that's the case, where's my penis? Why was I menstruating all these years? Why do people refer to me as female? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS ABOUT MY LIFE!!!!

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