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Now I'll go back to my boring 9-5, where my frumpy self makes a decent salary using my head rather than giving it.

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Yeah I notice a lot of they don't want to be judged but will judge women who aren't sex workers. Anyway I don't suck dick at all and I never want my life to depended on men that way. It's weird they find it brag worthy. How about I make my own money and don't have to prostitute myself.

Yeah it is bizzare that they think having sex with money is brag worthy and we are just so jealous that we aren't hot enough to do it. I actually like the fact I have self respect.

It's a weird brag to say "I can be bought." I just don't get it. In any regard. Like...if I had to do something I really didn't want to do at work, but I was coerced by a lot of money, I wouldn't proudly proclaim, "I can be bought, people! check it out! I do what the boss man tells me because cash! " That's...I don't get it.

Imagine viewing sex as an act of pleasure and not monetary gain!

We don't need to make it us against sex workers. I'm not mad at sex workers--I'm mad there is such a thing as sex work, which wouldn't exist without men's demanding it. Very rarely are sex workers these privileged white women who make a ton of money.

Number 1, being a highly paid escort still involves A LOT OF trauma. Just talk to escorts

Number 2, the lie that there is some class of highly paid cam girls was made by corporations like OF, not to appeal to men, but to appeal to WOMEN because they litearlly operate like an MLM with a downline.

We do not need to fight our fellow women--we need to fight a system that makes things like this possible.

They're pretty much started the fight by calling other women too unattractive to sell sex.

My compassion is towards women and girls who are trafficked and coerced into prostitution, not libfem "sex workers" who live for male validation and throw other women and girls under the bus.

Exactly. There is a world of difference between a prostituted woman in Amsterdam, that doesn't have a blog and is a "sex worker" to survive, and the type of person in this tweet that thinks being an escort makes her somehow cool and above all those other women.

I understand that this one woman was not in the right, but what I am saying is we don't need to act like all sex workers think the way she does, nor that they are all lib fems. Even the ones that are--are often covering up untold trauma. There are many radical feminists that are ex-sex workers. In fact more percentage wise, if I had to guess, than the general population

I'll agree to disagree, but I find it very difficult to do nothing while someone mocks women for "choking on dicks." It's disgusting regardless of who it comes from. I'll accept that not all prostitutes are like this, but I don't want to allow this behaviour to go uncriticised.

I do view sex workers like this extremely poorly. I have seen them actually attack and haras anyone that as a negative opinion on sex work, and they do this shit where they call women frumpy, ugly and undeserable. They seem to think they are feminists too when they act just as bad as any misogynistic man.