That TIM regularly misrepresents studies and genetics. His claim that "testosterone changes a clitoris into a penis" is because both male and female genitals come from the same precursor cells in early development with the baby's sex determining which pathway of development the genitals will take. So no a clitoris doesn't turn into a penis, a group of cells will develop into either a penis or a clitoris depending on the sex of the baby.

The mice thing is an experiment from a decade or more ago where they genetically engineered mice to switch off a gene and see what would happen and some of the cells in the testes of male mice changed into cells found in the ovaries of female mice. It didn't change working testes into working ovaries of course they were still testes will ovarian cells or something like that. It was due to the gonads of mice being different from other mammals and there being a constant tug of war between two active genes that determined development of the gonads or something. It wouldn't work in humans and the majority of other mammals it was something specific to mice that allowed the experiment.

I love that we have a clownfishery tag 😂

yes, me too. I imagine it's in part because of the long time user, Iamnotaclownfish.

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“Clownfish tho” is a common TRAs argument, I think it probably originated from that. Apparently since clownfish can change sex, we can too. Flawless logic.

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"When we change a clitoris into a penis"

Ah, yes, the clitoris is just an ungrown penis. That's not at all pseudo science used to pretend that women are underdeveloped men.

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TRAs, the only Progressive and Supportive group that supports experimenting on animals and genetically mutating them for no damn reason other than aesthetics (if this even happened)

I can also think of many reasons that this won't ever happen, mainly because humans aren't mice. But that seems like a hard concept for the OP to understand.

Also did you know that margarine is one molecule away from being plastic? Wow!! 🥴

Huntington disease is one gene away and we don't define humans with an inability control their motor functions, nor do we define human emotions by the criteria of Huntington disease. So why are men suddenly being defined women due to the one gene that differentiates the sexes?

As a biologist, no way. One gene is not all the separates the two, the sry gene is repsonsible for turning a fetus male during development but that one gene sets off a cascade of other genes that result in a male body and testes. You can't change ovaries into testes by altering one gene, thats impossible.

Not to mention spermatogenesis and oogenesis are completely different processes that are both very complex. This idiot needs to go back to school.

It seems to be a reference to a study from 2009, which was widely exaggerated in science reporting, as is often the case.

This is the study: https://www.cell.com/fulltext/S0092-8674(09)01433-0. And this is the least exaggerated news report on it I could find: https://archive.is/sK2Er. There are several articles claiming ovaries were turned into testes in mice.

I'm not a biologist, so you would understand it way better than me. But basically what this appears to be is a study on mice, genetically engineered to allow deletion of a specific gene on a non-sex chromosome, the absence of which caused the female mouse's ovaries to produce testosterone on the level of a male mouse. But that's pretty much it; the ovaries did not mutate into testes, and certainly did not produce sperm.