I wish these people had something to offer. Most cults promise you 9 wives or raisins or something or say the space aliens are coming. This cult only has compelled speech.

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That’s what I always think. Where’s the promise of eternal life? Where’s the heavenly reward? This feed-your-fetish bullshit doesn’t cut it.

The cult gives a sense of intense belonging. The core spiritual concept of the TRA cult is "no one would understand what being trans is like unless you're trans". It's like a special club where you assume everyone else is on the same spiritual brain wavelength.

It also gives heightened social status. Most news organizations, and democratic political figures, always shoehorn in some random bullshit in support of transgender people so long as the subject is "social issues". A mediocre white middle class person can suddenly be in need of help NOW and at constant risk for violence and death and among the most vulnerable class. These mediocre people's voice suddenly matters and holds weight.... even if they're dumb (despite being given education opportunities), overrepresented, and not exceptional whatsoever.

[–] hmimperialtortie 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈 3 points

Yes, I know that side of it - it just seems like a total fail as far as a proper religious cult goes. It’s not even unfalsifiable claims, it’s all demonstrably fake.

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Paradise for atheists ? Guilt trip everyone into doing what you want for your life on Earth, since there's no afterlife ?

Guilt trip everyone into doing what you want for your life on Earth, since there's no afterlife ?

That does seem to be why a lot of the vocal atheists who left religious cults are now TWAW types.

I’m getting so fucking tired of the word “reminder.”

Yes. Exactly. I'm allergic to it at this point. As I am to the phrase "I don't know who needs to hear this but..."

No one. No one needs it.

No one needs to be lectured all the time by people who know nothing, people who when they see a book, immediately want to burn it.

So it’s entirely meaningless and only implies “I’m very special”. Meh. Fine, I’ll play along if they agree not to chop off people’s body parts over this pseudo-rebellion.

I love how by "opting out of the binary" they end up creating a whole new binary between binary and non-binary. Genius, really.

hit dogs holler. NB will never mean more than "trucks AND dresses!!"