So now anyone who has boundaries is a kArEn?

I swear, Karen is the new b!+ch, and you won't convince me otherwise.

So now anyone who has boundaries is a kArEn?

I think so. I've seen just about every damn body being called a "Karen" in the last six months, especially if they were assertive about boundaries.

Yeah a friend who isn’t a friend any more called me a Karen for asserting a boundary with her.

Part of that Gen Z demographic. Really don't want kinks to be a staple of pride. Especially not the violent ones, which are the only ones I ever think of when someone says 'kink'.

It's just gonna be hen parties and human pups at this rate

I just googled human pups and have deep regrets about that choice.

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I was just thinking the other day that men always want to enter women's spaces, but how come the human pups never want to attend doggie daycare!?

Believe me it could be much much worse.

When they are actually having sex with animals and children as they march along. If we don't have a MASSIVE pendulum swing back to reality soon, by 2030 I'm sure the age of consent will be 12, tops, and sex with all animals will be legal.

Instead of "emotional support animals" men will be allowed in public with "sexual support dogs" -- and total nuclear annihilation of the planet will be the best choice.

Not gonna lie. You sound like a predator when you attack women with misogynistic slurs when they don't want to see your kinks in public.

Let’s christen woke boundary violators Aidens. That’s a good Gen Z name for them.

"Aydien" might be more appropriate - even the spelling has to be super "unique".

What is with trans people choosing this name and all the fucked-up spellings?

Aydin Olson-Kennedy and Aydian Dowling, just to name a few. It's weird how they can't even pick names that are age appropriate.

I want to see a class action of people called Karen taking every social media company to court for defamation or something, for allowing the use of their name as a slur.

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Karen lets you be a complete misogynistic piece of crap but lets you say, "Hey, I'm not being misogynistic! It's a meme!"

I'm glad Gen Z's are putting up a fight. Ashamed of my generation(Millennials) for buying into this garbage.