It's funny when they say literally the exact same things we say here, but unironically.

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Oh, you'll always be trans enough ?

Good, I can work with that. As long as they understand that they can never be the opposite sex at all. For anyone.

How can they go around so freely saying things like this and admitting it's 10000% a choice and STILL have the audacity to compare transhittery to being gay

To be fair, they think that being gay is just saying you're gay, not having an actual same sex orientation or anything fascist like that. So I guess in their heads it's the same. Also I wanted to say A+ for the word "transhittery."

“Gay is like sleeping until noon, wearing hoodies and liking your coffee black”. “Big bi energy is the leg spread, being scatterbrained and loving Victorian era movies”.

This is the shit they type out on Tumblr and Twitter. LGB is literally a fashion statement and personality quirk to these kids. Same sex attraction is rarely mentioned 🙄

Funny how they disown Harry Potter now, yet still live in a fantasy world 🤣

Replace the word "trans" with "crazy" and it makes more sense :P

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nooooooo not aizawa

he's my favorite mha character :(

don't put those stupid words into his mouth