Someone wanna point out to him that he’s part of the problem? He literally wants the definition of “female” to be “someone who enjoys dressing femininely.”

He .. doesn't get the point at all, right? Seems like he's just mad that he has to put more/some effort into passing

Oh he does. He wants to be the sexualised 13 year old girl lmao.

The objectification of young girls effects all young girls not just the "done up" ones imitating that objectification and sexualization, adolescent boys not so much, so a young male putting on a mini skirt may or may not sexualize him or communicate something about his sexuality but it doesn't feminize him and to think it does is its self part of the sexualization problem.

"This is why these predators can say 'oh I didn't know she was x age' because we have girls this age trying to compete with grown ass women"

OMG THIS IS SOOO TRUE. I've just peaked pedoculture god damn

also fuck that xlydrs guy

He's jealous of young girls, period. TIMs like to frame the conversation as "us girls cant reach society's ideal of female beauty" when it's all about them wanting to look like a literal little girl. Most 13 year old are awkward, have acne, heck I didn't even get my fucking period until I was 14. Fuck these men, seriously.

As a trans woman, this idea of young girls younger than me appearing seemingly flawless has also led to some at times intense gender dysphoria in me, genuinely believing that I can’t even be considered a girl because girls are supposed to look feminine and to be feminine you have to be flawlessly attractive, right? You gotta have the right face and hair and legs and thighs and shoulders [...]

He can't be considered a girl because he's not a girl, he's a grown-ass adult man, and also he should stop obsessing over female body parts.

I accidentally replied to him and tore him a new one. I swear my finger slipped and I accidentally hit the reblog button.

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Comes up as no posts found, has it been deleted?

i think the TIM might have deleted the post off his blog in the meantime. This link should work:


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Didn’t see or hear him (no loss, lol) but that young woman’s message was worth hearing, thanks.