I hope she never stops wading into the shallow end of the discourse pool, because she's relatively high profile and countering her points is like shooting fish in a barrel.

Apparently so! How could someone not see that coming?

Honestly, if I didn't know better I'd think she was a plant. She serves up so many perfect openings and is always making own goals.

They went unchallenged for years. We have been practising debate, very often first with ourselves when we peaked.

They should have stuck to "no debate". Like those companies whose PR strategy is to never address the accusation, just let the drama pass.

I fucking love the GC responses I see on Twitter to TRA bullshit. It's not even a fair battle.

Yep they constantly ragequit too. Like "im not going to read that, die TERF!" Oh so much win!

[–] greenbeans 9 points Edited

'Nobody's body is a threat.'

Huh? When a certain type of body (male) is known for carrying out most violent crimes?

I really don't get this. Is this some Cartesian dualism type of thinking? It wasn't the body that did it, it was an evil soul doing the driving?

Bodies and minds (or souls) as totally separate entities? I weirdly feel like the Internet has encouraged this old concept to resurface.

Like, we aren't ghosts or souls or pure entities of light that somehow 'take over' bodies to carry out deeds good or evil.

We ARE are our bodies, and certain bodies are known to be stronger, bigger, testosterone-fuelled (which affects the brain). These bodies are encouraged by society to develop their aggressive side and squash empathy.

These are the bodies that everyone - dogs, children, women, other men- knows are a potential threat.

I'm sorry for spelling out the obvious but I feel like interacting with screens all day is killing some people's perception of material reality.

What's her position on guns?

Guns are not a threat because you can do also damage with knives and cars?

C4 is not a threat because you can kill someone with a rope?

She's really not good at this critical thinking thing, is she?

"The goalposts move wherever I want them to. The dictionary is rewritten to say whatever I want it to. If you have a problem, you're hateful and oppressive and will be silenced."

Isn't she the one that wrote that transpeople are superior because of something something about bodies?