Nature is wonderful, strange and beautiful. Humans are not plants, fish, reptiles or amphibians.

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Oh dear. I thought it was just that one weird guy who is dead serious about his tree pronouns.

Social media is like an agar plate. Throw out any speck of stupidity and see what kind of infectious dumb-assery will grow.

What the hell. I thought the whole point of showing the world that we gays were just normal people who wanted normal things (but with someoneof the same sex) was to get AWAY from the „strange, abnormal, qu**r“ treatment?

Why the HELL would we want to start saying „its okay to be strange and abnormal- look it happens in nature too!“

Jesus, all I wanted was to be able to live with a woman and not be attacked in the street. Boring things like what to have for dinner, what colour shall we paint the bedroom, do we want to watch a movie tonight?

Not what can we do to make ourselves more odd in the eyes of heterosexuals, what type of perversion shall we try out tonight, shall we go out in fucking gimp suits and I’ll say I’m a man now because I like DIY.

I‘m SO angry that the LGB community got in bed with these assholes, who make it seem like being gay is some way to make yourself different. We aren’t different! We’re just people who happen to be attracted to the same sex, and that’s it, it’s just attraction. It’s STILL not a lifestyle choice!

Fucking terfs and their "humans are not plants" bioessentialism! Does their literal violence know no bounds?!