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Just look at the moronic passage she highlighted in that book: "White Tears Brown Scars: How White Feminism Betrays Women of Colour".

Binary sex is a function and feature of white supremacy

No, it is not. Binary sex is a feature of evolution, you absolute dunderhead.

[–] Hyacinth 8 points (+8|-0) Edited

Exactly, those are interesting qoutes

Only European derived people have distinctly separate male and female sexes

Yes thats correct other races were theorized as feminized because white men despised women. Jews were a alleged female race who "menstruated" because they fucking hated jews and denigrated jewish men as women.

Black people in America including Black Women were masculinzed to justify their brutalization and rape. A slur that TRAs propagate today

Binary sex is a function and feature of white supremacy

Binary GENDER roles as its enacted in the west has its roots in Western hierarchical thought, the superior/inferior dictohotmy is the privileged over its opposite, masculine/feminine, white/black etc cetera. A binary that modern gender bending upholds rather then abolishes.

[–] Miss_misandrist 7 points (+7|-0)

She also tweeted her thread is muted (what a coward) and said we're buying into rape myths?!? Are they going to say metoo was a conspiracy?! So rape from transwomen is going to go up and they're going to claim it's a hoax?!? That's obviously what'll happen if something isn't done.

She also linked this bullshit article that said nothing of substance, that anti trans was linked to far right and conspiracy theories (more unnecessary grouping, yaaay), claimed 350 transwomen died between 2019 and 2020, that's globally and only 37 transwomen died in the US that year...

Just using a bunch of buzz words and hoping people will be guilted into supporting this.

[–] EvaDemeter [OP] 8 points (+8|-0)

Blue check ignorance intersecting with arrogance. Maybe this is what is meant now by intersectional feminism, I'm never sure.

[–] Hyacinth 8 points (+8|-0) Edited

The new so called intersectional gimmic is "carceal feminism" a term that makes me sick, its for rape apologists to smear feminism as racist and the demonizing of white women to prime people for the "carceal feminism" as applying to White TiMs, so that their victims are denounced as weaponizing"white patriarchy" against white transwomen "Same as they do against black men"....their trying to link the two, right on time for spreading the word that men don't need HRT to be vaild, so that they can still get erections and make self ID the law of the land, so they can rape.

[–] WitchPlease 6 points (+6|-0)

Why is the word "gender" censored?

What I find hilarious is how while trying to prove they are under "attack" with "hateful responses" they are actually sharing tweets that debunk their delusion... They might peak some of their own followers.

Off topic, nowadays any crap can be published, isn't it?

[–] EvaDemeter [OP] 8 points (+8|-0)

They hide it from searches from what I'm gathering, but if replies are turned off, what's the point? They get more followers supporting them if they let us in their comments, frankly, but noticing this a lot with this crowd. Also seeing: don't RT without my consent. Change the settings then.

[–] firebird 6 points (+6|-0)

"I got one", one what? Screenshot just shows a woman disagreeing... Anything is good enough proof to support their crazy theories apparently

[–] VeggieAnnie 4 points (+4|-0)

I know, what is that supposed to mean? "See...someone disagrees with me! That makes them wrong!" What childish logic is this? Oh, she writes for the AV Club. I am sure she is quite the intellectual powerhouse.

[–] EvaDemeter [OP] 5 points (+5|-0)

Live link if that's allowed here, and I'm pretty sure it is.

Additionals added on by this author here and here mocking minority GC feminists

[–] RadfemBlack 2 points (+2|-0)
[–] EvaDemeter [OP] 1 points (+1|-0)

Of course she did. Damn. "I was aiming for white cis women but then the wrong kind of minorities showed up and ruined my party!"

[–] RadfemBlack 1 points (+1|-0)

It’s absolutely hilarious, or it would be if it weren’t so infuriating and people didn’t actually buy this garbage. Interesting how the TRAs who screech about alleged GC racism the most all have me blocked! 🤔