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I think we need to start saying on repeat “that’s not gender, that’s your personality.“ Simple mantras on repeat can work on people.

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I think it's because they literally believe the people around them are not fully human beings with personalities. To them, the rest of us are robots mindlessly marching along to our gender roles, never questioning anything, never feeling feelings, mere NPCs in the background of the special, special lives of the special genderspecial.

When we're teens, we need to feel special; 'we're figuring out who we are. Most of us outgrow this and realize that others are as fully real and alive as we are. Others of us continue to believe The Matrix is a good movie that contains deep philosophical truths (and that it was made by women with incredibly special personalities genders).

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I think you're spot on. I know a girl who tweeted about how she's so open-minded, conscious and powerful because she thinks about her gender everyday. She seems to think that those of us that don't buy into this are evil women who aren't capable of thinking about ⭐🌟gender identities🌟⭐

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It reminds me of people who call themselves "empaths" because they, callously enough, assume the rest of us have no compassion. I mean, the heck?!

Compassion and empathy are separate concepts. I don't call myself an empath but other people call me an empath because I am able to take myself from a situation and put myself in other people's shoes.

Empathy is the ability to feel or genuinely consider other people's feelings and needs but is void of helping actions.

Compassion is the helping actions or desire to help which may or may not include empathy.

I am empathetic and compassionate but I would never adopt a label to convey those traits.

And from what I see in the world, most people aren't empathic or compassionate but wholly performative for recognition.

I used to believe that everyone is capable of empathy and compassion but my eyes are open - the gender religion push was the nail in my coffin of belief that most people are inherently 'good'.

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I think part of the problem is that there are many people who think that people do X because they're a woman/man and don't think much about it. There was one navel-gazy article written by a NBiF, who questioned why women had to do their hair and wear makeup (something like that) and the older women around her would just say "because we're women/that's just how it is". If you're the only girl in your family willing to explore/question sex roles, you might galaxy brain yourself into believing you've opened your third gender eye and have attained a new level of consciousness than the pea-brained cissies.

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Absolutely true. That point about older women in communities reinforcing roles because "It's what women do" is so true. I wish these nonbinary kids would just wake up and realize that it's not that deep. They can be male and play with nail polish. They can be female and have short hair.

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A skirt is only a role if you think wearing skirts means you have to behave a certain way...