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I barely glanced up for a micro-second as I was exiting the window but I could still tell that profile pic was male.

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Pinned tweet isbegging for money for transition. Typical. And best use of "mom"'s energy and resources, for sure.

He’s such a stereotype- a “lesbian” dating another TIM. At least no actual women are affected? 😂

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It's perfectly acceptable for mothers to skip a meal so their child can eat or minor self care like working out. But a TIM needs tens of thousands of dollars to make their transition dreams come true.

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I think what's going on here is thanks to a language snare.

So normally you wouldn't say "male genitalia" in this context because it IS rather odd. You'd normally say "man". But of course these weirdos would jump on it with "twaw! twaw!" and bury the original point, so in an attempt to avoid that, the tweeter resorts to convoluted language to get his point across, and instead of saying "man" refers to "male genitalia". But there is no language that can work, because the anger is with the very thought that is being expressed; whatever he says, they'll dismiss it. If he wrote a long list of relevant physical characteristics, the response would be "why are you itemising Hubbard's body??? that's such a weird thing to do!" Probably best not to follow them into traps like this.

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oh Erin, you dumb shit and translogic machine: he couldn’t finish his lifts, so Laurel doesn’t even have good form. Also he broke his elbow a few years back due to that shitty form, and only made it to Tokyo because he’s a man and can lift more than real women at age 43. His only good form was being born male. Like you. Keep seething.

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Well, men produce testosterone in their testes, and testosterone levels impact athletic performance. So, yeah, genitals are used in weightlifting. Maybe not in straightforward sense, but they do contribute something.

Also, saying that male inclusion into female athletics is "diluting" competitive female sports is an understatement, but somehow still a controversial terfy opinion.

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Was this the same dude who was crying on twitter some time ago that he wasn’t being acknowledged as a “mom” on mother’s day?

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I think so. He also had a bunch of photos showing off his FFS that actually just made it all the more obvious he’s male.

Yes. And whining that his son didn’t like his weird falsetto woman-voice. He’s proud he’s gotten his son to call him mom. Poor kid, my heart goes out to these children who are just props/accessories to their attention and identity-addicted parents.