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Argues against using "biological women" to mean female but explains cisgender and transgender in the terms of birth sex 🤔

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This is always so funny/infuriating to me.

The claim that "biological woman" is transphobic, or that any language that isn't "inclusive" of transwomen is transphobic, would mean that it was purposely done that way hundreds of years ago. It implies that language was purposely made to purposely exclude trans identified people. That level of narcissism is incredible. So, essentially, every term ever created to describe anything, is transphobic because it doesn't center "transness". It's astounding to me that this is the universal belief to them. That language was created in a way to expressly not include or "validate" trans people. I honestly cannot wrap my head around that much narcissism.

Same with the term "genital preference". It was done on purpose: societally, biologically, evolutionarily, all to be "transphobic". Lol, do they not hear themselves??

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You're a biological human. You're a biological male. You're a biological man.

You're NOT a biological female.

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At this point it's easier to list the words that are not transphobic dogwhistles.

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cis women, that’s what they are called

Yeah, because genderists invented their very own language that they force people to use or browbeating will commence at once.

Fuck them.