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He's slowly learning the same lessons the original Trans Activist learned.

Davina wrote, “I helped to organize and participated in a series of actions protesting the festival’s ‘womyn-born-womyn’ only policy in the four years (1992-1995) following Nancy’s (Burkholder) expulsion, and was the only transsexual woman to both organize and participate in all four actions. I was also the founder, editor, and publisher of TransSisters: the Journal of Transsexual Feminism.”

Davina further explained, “The primary reason that these actions were discontinued after 1995 was the concerted effort by Riki Anne Wilchins to both put herself (sic) in charge of them and to force us to also advocate for the admission of preoperative MTF transsexuals. Soon after the 1995 action, I dropped out of all involvement in the ‘transgender movement’ in disgust because I saw that it was increasingly moving in a very hostile and belligerent direction of advocating that women who don’t want to see a penis at a women’s festival should just get over it.”