This woman is using limp-wrist to symbolize gay. The comment is an interesting observation.

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I've noticed lots of NB's are rampant homophobes.

I don’t know why so many young girls are clamoring to say the f-slur. Gen X got rightfully scolded for our casual homophobia only for Gen Z to really double down on it. The incessant “that’s so gay” I heard growing up seems so quaint now.

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The age at which we used to say "that's so gay" was before we even knew what "gay" meant. Definitely elementary school.

As someone who was actually called the f-word growing up it really bothers me.

Or homoPHILES. They find the idea of being gay squeefully delicious, so much so that they want to be gay TOO!

I often get the feeling that "gay" in fannish circles can mean anything from exclusively same-sex attracted to just a bit transgressive and naughty tee hee. I sometimes wonder if the latter includes "feeling any sexual frisson at all", on the back of the old "but women aren't supposed to like sex" mentality.

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Infantalizing and having a fetish for gay men is homophobia as far as I'm concerned.

Reminds me of those old Bugs Bunny cartoons where the giant loves Bugs so much he squeezes him almost to death (in an ode to "Of Mice and Men").

Sometimes, loving something to an extreme is just as bad as hating something.

The comment is exactly what my first thought was. "Or... none of them are gay."