If I “misgender”, I think I’ll just exit that conversation.

Don't these people ever get tired of coming up with new rules? It must be so exhausting policing every aspect of your own and everyone else's existence.

These people clearly have nothing better to do and they don't have any real life problems so they've got plenty of time for BS.

“Your ideological submission isn’t enough, it must be accompanied with full obeisance” is what this says.

I think "No thank you" is better. It lets the pronoun nazi politely understand that forcing their delusions onto people is rather rude and that you will not submit to their insane ideology.

Idk if anyone here is remembers the 'lesbians who look like Justin Bieber' blog but this is the woman who ran it. She came into my place of work a few years ago and was not pleasant to deal with.

Wait, name on account is masculine, but pic shows head tilt...I'm so confused!

Well, the profile says "he/they" so it's probably a woman lmao

Why is every other fucking person on the bird app a TIM or a TIF. It's unbelievable.

because they can’t support their ideas for much longer than 280 characters.

Thank you, sir, may I have another (ever-changing nonsensical rule to follow lest I be deemed unwoke)?

Yeah not taking any language tips from someone who doesn't understand verb tenses.

This is why laugh emojis were invented

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My favorite emoji is the eyeroll one, because that's what I would do irl (probably before I realize it).

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