There is literally nothing you could do, aside from perhaps dedicating your life to promoting cis men dating trans women and overcoming that stigma, that would humanize you in my eyes.

Amazing. But to be fair, I‘ll promote that. Let them have each other.

I also love how TiMs apparently have zero reading comprehension skills. They take OPs words:

I disagree with the use of the word “trash,” as women are degraded enough by men that we shouldn’t reduce each other so flagrantly.

and then accuse her of calling them men (lmao), even though the end of the sentence clearly implies she sees them as women. Amazing.

LOLLL are straight men and TiM’s together their own best punishment?! Hahaha this is amazing!

And yes I saw that too! I couldn’t tell if they were willfully reading “oppression” into this or if they were really just struggling with basic reading as “each other” seemed to be pretty clear? It seemed like they were seething for an excuse to just explode…

Hahahaha I’m actually giggling out loud right now. I’m imagining OP in ceremonial robes solemnly swearing to dedicate her life to gaslighting straight men into dating TiMs. 😂

I hope, the ceremonial robes are pink, white and blue so that everyone knows which church she belongs to when she walks door-to-door. 👀

seemed like they were seething for an excuse to just explode…

Literally every TIM ever

I love how one dick near the bottom has the fucking audacity to tell the reddit OP to “Stay out of our spaces.”

These people are so fucking dumb and willfully ignorant.

[–] IrishTheFrenchie non-cis logic 17 points

Yeah. “Go find cis women’s spaces”...

You fucking invaded them all you sick perverts!

THIS! Furthermore the fact that none of them could even appreciate the ridiculous irony of a woman in “TransFace”…… especially a group of people who talk ALL OF THE TIME about going stealth and supposedly tricking all of these people! 🙄

The total lack of self awareness is unbelievable, especially when so many of these people claim that hordes of TIMs would be “indistinguishable” from OP… 🙄

Another comment says that pretending to be part of a group and acting in a way that worsens stereotypes associated with said group is problematic:

Hi all, what this person did was tell guys at bars she is a trans woman so they wouldn't want to be around her. She did so in a way that obviously furthered the prejudice against straight women.

[–] bellatrixbells BoobatrixRex 7 points

They probably say this because this is what we say and therefore gives them AGP kicks.

That’s true. le sigh

[–] Hyacinth 0 points Edited

Hard to imagine spending your life pretending to be something your not. There was a reason elderly TiMs in their 60s and 70s were rare.. unfortunately now that it's so in the public consciousness a 65 year old man can troon out and claim he's "found himself" so its becoming less rare everyday on account of transwomen already being 50% of the population, that is being men

[–] Turtlefuzz Gender Outlaw 🤠 4 points

I love this excerpt from one comment:

It's disgusting that you've wormed your way into this place, presumably under false pretenses, as a way to show your "allegiance".

How dense are these scrotes. Hilarious 🤣

From the replies her original post received, I'm convinced this is some brilliantly terven trolling. It's funny how revealing their reactions are to a woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a women:

if you continue doing this, then you will end up becoming a trans version of rachel dalezal, which is obviously harmful.

You got to cosplay as me for a brief period of time, felt good about yourself, and could take the mask off at any time.

please never claim an identity that is not yours again

At the end of the day, you get to take off the costume [...] the moment it's convenient for you. The rest of us have to go on struggling [...] 24/7 - we don't get a choice.

You are clearly fetishizing our existence for your own purposes and benefit.

Just so you know, yesterday and completely unrelated to your post, I cried twice because I went out and didn't get any attention from men


RIGHT? That's a GOOD day to me and other real women. Its not to d** hungry masquerading tims though small violins

Lol... this reminds me of the time my therapist (a self-described radical feminist since college) told me that if men hit on her at bars, she’ll tell them she’s trans so they’ll leave her alone. 😂

I was distraught at the time about being harassed and catcalled so much. I hadn’t come out to her as a radfem yet either... and I’m SURE her trans clients would throw testerical fits about her saying such a thing! Lmao. (I think it’s bad advice though tbh. I love her otherwise though haha)

Hahaha I mean it DOES seem like it would be effective, especially against the wokebros!

But sorry you were processing so much trauma due to being harassed. :( I love how not a SINGLE TIM acknowledged that in either of OP’s posts….

Thank you... and yes, men will never, EVER understand. TIMs especially have no empathy. They dream of being harassed like a woman. It’s their fetish. 🤮

She said it was very effective. 😂 I just thought they would think she’s a weirdo liar since she looks nothing like a man/TIM and to me is quite beautiful. Lol

It seems to me that it would be a bad idea in the long term as even if it turned a guy off for now, it would give him the impression that a "trans woman" means someone who seems exactly like a woman and even if you were shocked and scared the first time you met one, in retrospect what were you so scared of? She did seem just like any other woman and if things were just as good the whole way down (and it's just those backwards old health provisions holding things back!) then what's the difference!

Doesn't make much sense to me why anyone's on the side they're on.

Yeah this is a good point. Plus she made several attempts to claim that she was doing this to prove that their aren’t any difference between women’s bodies and TiM’s bodies (her talk about the surgery results being indistinguishable 😩). I gagged when she said she was going to have to tell the guys that they hadn’t actually slept with a “transwoman.”

[–] Livin 19 points Edited

So (if this is fact real) OP apparently lied and said she was a trans women to get rid of sexual harassment and unwanted attention. Everyone is up in arms. However, TRAs and TIMs find it perfectly acceptable to lie about being cis to the people they date. They think it's totally OK to rape by deception. Why is one ok but not the other?? If TRAs think lying about being cis and raping by deception is acceptable, then it should be acceptable for cis people to lie about being trans.

[–] Ash94 12 points Edited

Reminds me of the BioTransGirl comics where a female girl transitions into a TiM https://www.reddit.com/r/AntiHateCommunities/comments/lt5nxv/saw_this_on_facebook_i_am_sittng_on_the_kitchen/

There was a post a while back from a trans subreddit giving advice to TiMs on how to have “stealth sex” (aka r***) men…tons of supportive comments there. 🙄 How is this ANY different?

[–] Eleutheria [OP] 18 points Edited

(Reposting in the right circle—I think!) This is….wild. I’m honestly at a loss for words. As can be see in the top voted comment, the original post OP made is here: https://archive.is/qBeHu (not sure why it’s marked “nsfw” lol).

What do we think? Dangerous or an effective new strategy? 😩💀 (Edit: I’m reading through the comments and wow I feel so badly for the OP. She’s really drunk the kool-aide…)

The OP's style suggests troll to me, tbh, but the guys in that thread are awful so the results are hilarious. Best exchange:

Raging Incel:

Trash isn't a gendered insult, it's a way to dehumanize you


I am glad that you called me out

(If she were real, I would suggest that she'd be better off trying to befriend people who were willing to reciprocate, rather than wasting her time chasing the approval of a group of guys who specifically get satisfaction from putting her down, because it's never going to happen.)

Actually! It’s like they get off in refusing to be mollified and blatantly engaging in male rage!

Yeah, I totally agree! If she’s real OP should go find some real (and sane) friends.

[–] SamuraiGhostCat 12 points Edited

Idk if she’s a troll... she’s really going hard with the “look how stunning & brave tranzwummun are!!” posts. 🤮


I hope she peaks, but don’t even know if that’s possible for someone in this deep.

If this is a troll... it’s a very convincing one!

Edit: wtf... just checked her comments and her most recent one quotes Dworkin and mentions women as a sex class??! Make up your damn mind! The cognitive dissonance...

Everyone should be treated respectfully but women on average face more intense consequences from bad treatment as a sex class then men/males. It’s 2021 and if you don’t realize this this however then there’s not much more to say. As Andrea Dworkin says: “Many women, I think, resist feminism because it is an agony to be fully conscious of the brutal misogyny which permeates culture, society, and all personal relationships.”

Ok actually that’s interesting. Maybe this is the first step on the journey of a thousand miles. Hahaha I hope she comes back with some more Dworkin for the “gals” at MTF…

[–] hmimperialtortie 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈 14 points

I skimmed about three paragraphs before my eyes glazed over.

It’s a cesspool of apologizing and raging…

[–] hmimperialtortie 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈 7 points

Yeah, and life is too short for that, lol! I’ll use my day’s ration of eyestrain on something else. :P

[–] jon 13 points

From one of the respondents:

"Please don't think this changes anything between us. There is literally nothing you could do, aside from perhaps dedicating your life to promoting cis men dating trans women and overcoming that stigma, that would humanize you in my eyes."

Why does ANYONE seek the approval of someone who talks like this?

[–] IrishTheFrenchie non-cis logic 9 points

TIMs get angry that woman tells men she’s trans to keep them from harassing her at a bar.

They tell her she “doesn’t know their struggles and how dare she pretend to be something she’s not.”

The irony is completely lost on these men.

And the more she apologizes, the more they fly into a rage. “You can’t touch me, cis woman!” Geez these people belong on a soap opera or telenovela…

There is literally nothing you could do, aside from perhaps dedicating your life to promoting cis men dating trans women and overcoming that stigma, that would humanize you in my eyes.

Wait, I thought men preferred brave, stunning TIMs? This comment makes it seem like they don't. They really need to pick a script.

I cried twice because I went out and didn't get any attention from men.

Wow. That sounds like a really, really difficult life. Gosh, much tears, many drama.

Maybe reach out to cis men the way I did on discussion boards to try and encourage them to be willing to date us.

We can't even get men to pick up their dirty underpants off the floor (or, you know, not rape and kill us). But sure. Let's just see if we can't make them date someone they don't want to.

Here's a thought: Get your own damn date, you whiny-ass loser.

They're all nothing but fucking incels. Just like those men complaining that no one dated that incel terrorist, "forcing" him to go on a shooting rampage and kill people, these guys are blaming women because other men won't date them.

What is even happening here?

Fucking men, I swear. Grow the hell up and take responsibility for yourselves.

Exactly! And that’s why I think they were enraged hahaha (like a bunch of men). OP kept stating over and over that she thought what she was doing was great because, as she said, “there are so many trans women who look just like me or even hotter! I’m just busting stereotypes uwu!” And they all flew off the handle as they secretly know that’s not true.

I actually loved how some of them agreed that it’s “transphobic” to criticize OP for “setting unrealistic expectations” but still lay into her for causing such wanton destruction lol.

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