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LOL he thought that was smart.

One…the word EGG is used seriously and taken seriously as a condition?

Two…you think you can “see the trans” in someone and just need to draw it out of them?

Okay, okay…so I could overlook that stupidity if you were just saying that but the context is DENYING that therapists are a catalyst to transitions? LOL! This is mind-bending.

Even if I thought someone were gay which is REAL I wouldn’t try to “convince” them they were. You shouldn’t have to.

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This guy is weird and a typical AGP narc. His gf left him and then he started tweeting about how he turned all his exes into lesbians.

Making their own point. Time and time again.

Wish these people would just grow up and occupy themselves with something other than navel-gazing. It would help everyone, including them -- the irony.

They achieve Republican levels of "self aware wolves." It would be laughable if it wasn't so sad.

I stg I don’t understand. Trans activists are vexed with detransitioners just speaking and even existing, but refuse to stop doing the things that lead to people wrongfully transitioning and eventually regretting it. No self-awareness or responsibility.

It's because on some level they know that detransitioners aren't just people who were wrong about being trans, they're people who realised transition is the worst way to deal with dysphoria. And they don't want people to know that because it would invalidate them.

“We don’t brainwash people”

“We try as hard as possible to convince people”

Yeah, sure, buddy. Makes total sense.

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Did he just… snitch on himself?

Men constantly tell on themselves. They've gotten so used to never being called on their bullshit that they've stopped trying to hide it and are putting that energy into escalating the severity of their actions.