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“Can GNC women please be fired? Or at least wear pink spinny skirts so I can feel validated in my cosmetic fictional identity? Also, can everyone stop what they’re doing and shower me with compliments? In third person, if it’s not too much to ask.

How dare C I S people dress however they want instead of dressing in a way that aligns with my fantasy? So selfish, horrible person, L I T E R A L V I O L E N C E.”

Well a real ally would make death and rape threats to this terrible self-important C I S woman on Sir's behalf for daring to even think that she could choose her own clothes? Or like at least try to get her fired. Who do they think they are, these C I S normies? Are you a normie?

Wtf is wrong with you, I feel like you should educate yourself. And as I identify as a nonbinary 18yr old my authority is max.

I bet you're old, like 25. 😏

It is actually perfectly normal to do this! Just the other day I got mad at a woman wearing a Disney shirt. It really triggers me seeing adults like Disney, when it is for kids. After i asked her to not wear it anymore she apologized and never wore it again! Hopefully this woman will totally understand and start dressing in ways appopriate to women!

OMG babes, totally! The other day I saw this woman who had the audacity to wear a long sleeved Tshirt, with black and white stripes. I got so mad, since those are clearly for French mimes! I told her she should be ashamed of herself for colonializing and culturally appropriating those poor things, how can people tell they are French mimes if a regular woman wears a similar tshirt! She took off the shirt and burned it right there with her lighter. Luckily for her I had an extra flower-patterned blush-colored bare-shouldered puff-sleeved ruffle-trimmed top in my bag for these emergencies and I gave it to her. It's going to become sooo last season in 2.4 days anyway, I don't need it. It was just so she didn't go back home in her underwear only, it would be too triggering to transmascs and enby folxs to see her breasts.

The other day I saw this woman who had the audacity to wear a long sleeved Tshirt, with black and white stripes. I got so mad, since those are clearly for French mimes!

That's so messed up, it's not like mimes can speak up for themselves, what the hell is wrong with that woman?

Excuse me but how did this TIF know that was a 'cis' woman? Maybe the person was a closeted trans man or a non-binary masc-aligned person who uses she pronouns. TIF sounds very transphobic and has committed literal violence.

Maybe the persxn was gender fluid and zxer gender flowed into the demiboy side of the spectrum that day at work. It’s exhausting enough having a gender that flows so constantly, the last thing xgye needs is for some transphobe to be policing jzger and dictating colonialistic rules and constructs.

This is why good posture is essential. Abrupt changes in gender fluid distribution can lead to gender clotting and poor gender circulation.

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Amazing, lol. If only I could spout off this kind of phrasing irl in response to this kind of stuff at the drop of a hat.

Oh wait, all this TiM and TiF complaining is usually online by people who would never have the audacity to say it out loud.

"not giving transpeople the chance to look different and get noticed as the gender they identify as" Well, if your cosplay is that bad, maybe you aren't trans? Maybe you are really ::gasp:: female?

It must be so incredibly exhausting to constantly be worried about what sex people think you look like. They live in a prison of their own making.

As someone who was once acutely dysphoric it is incredibly exhausting and draining to think this way... Gender dysphoria shares a lot in common with any disorder that has intrusive, obsessive thinking elements-- body dysmorphia, anorexia and other eating disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, etc. (which are all highly comorbid with each other and gender dysphoria, especially in women, by the way). It helps no one with problems of this kind to enable the obsession --> relief seeking cycle. This person is floridly ill if she's gotten to the point where she not only thinks this way but thinks it's acceptable to admit it publicly and then compulsively seek more relief on those thoughts' behalf.

I've noticed a lot of gender dysphoric females develop a secondary obsessive cycle where if the primary thoughts are not enabled (i.e. I am really another sex --> I must check to see how others react to me/ make them reassure or validate me) they have secondary thoughts of "well, if other people won't enable me, then I must be just completely crazy/ a stupid woman this whole time"... and then they seek out reassurance/validation that they aren't crazy/a stupid woman. Dysphoria will permanently lock you into this cycle if you refuse to give up the idea that other people and their reactions are responsible for telling you whether or not you're a bad/gross/pathetic/stupid etc. woman. It's also a lose/lose because, well, being kind of crazy, you will always get end up getting confirmation from others that you are "just a crazy woman"-- if your reaction to that is to defensively insist you're a man/nonbinary/demibbqchip instead then you just fall right back into the obsession circle.

She seriously expects everyone to dress FOR her? How is this different than sexist dress codes which tell women they have to wear heels to work to be professional?

She never said it was different though. It’s exactly it: “But... but... women are supposed to wear skirt suits and heels and tons of makeup and a bow in their long hair! It’s what defines them! If they don’t do that, what’s the point in my whole personality as a female opt-out? Women = girly FFS!”

Not content with slavishly complying with gender stereotypes, this one wants to enforce them upon everyone in her surroundings. Charming.

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That’s what it’s always been. Forcing everyone else into the same old boxes as background for their LARPing.

And that’s what makes it so toxic. James wants to be Janelle Moonjoy Whatever and wear spinny skirts? Creepy and weird but Not My Problem. But it shifts into demands about other people’s behaviour about 30 seconds after the Stunning and Brave coming out process.

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Yes, transvestites keeping their fetishes away from other people just doesn’t happen. It would have when there was public shame and consequences for it, but now they have the whip hand.

Trans is totally about defying gender stereotypes.... hey, all you non-trans identifying women better dress like gender stereotypical women otherwise people won't think I'm a man!

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This one gets even better with the Gremlin edit:

23:59- Trans is totally about defying gender stereotypes....


This is how you know she doesn't actually believe she's a man.

If she did, she wouldn't need to prove anything.

Her identity is entirely reliant on how other people perceive her. I'd feel sorry for her if she wasn't a misogynist.

For all the insistence that people "always know" their gender, they sure show a lot of naked insecurity about it...

You know it’s going to be transphobic for women to wear pants soon because how else will transmen show the world they’re really men and not like the other girls. But it’s also transphobic for women to wear skirts or dresses because that’s how transwomen show the world they’re even better women than actual women. So women are going to have to wear overalls made of potato sacks to show they’re not transphobic except that then transwomen will have to wear potato sacks too because transwomen are women and so maybe women should just wear pants? But oh no! What about the transmen.

I am so f’ing tired of being expected to pander to the fantasy life of others. You’re a small feminine woman, Honey, and nobody is fooled no matter what you or your coworker is wearing.

Men telling women what to do. It's a day that ends in Y. It's ludicrous. No one can do enough to appease them. Never. Ever.

She cannot possibly be serious. WTF does she expect -- I refuse to perform someone else's idea of femininity just so they can be "affirmed" in their self-concept.

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