It’s ok to let other people have things. Not everything is about you

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"You're probably wondering how I, a trans woman—"

Nobody is wondering about this.

"how I, a trans woman, am affected by the abortion ban in Texas. "

You're not.

"Well, any law that favors one group over another automatically makes everyone in that group lesser than the other."

This law favors males over females, thus making every female lesser than the other, no scare quotes appropriate : the goal is to control the reproductive capacities of females. As a male, you are therefore in the privileged/superior group.

Anti abortion laws which are put in place by right wing, religious politicians (mostly male ones) do not "favor" fertile women. As a matter of fact, they target fertile women more : being the population which these laws aim at controlling, these women are thus the "lesser" party

"So while I can't get pregnant, I'm still a woman, thus believed inferior. "

You cannot become pregnant because you're a man, not because you are an infertile woman. You are therefore privileged on every account since your social worth is not measured by your fertility and you are not part of the group which is being targeted here, which is human females. You are in no way regarded as inferior in any relation to your incapacity to becoming pregnant.

What the fuck dude shut up.

You're probably wondering how I, a trans woman, am being affected by a thing that doesn't affect trans women in any way at all. WELL. Ahem! You WERE wondering, weren't you? Uh, did you stop thinking about me just now? Were you selfishly thinking about your own issues just then? I know you did, I felt your attention drift! This cannot stand! evaporates indignantly

What? I don't really follow... Does he mean it affects him because it's not about him, so he doesn't feel acknowledged?

Nobody was wondering my guy, but good job at somehow making it about you!

Not one single soul gives a solitary fuck about how you feel about abortion bans, sir.

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