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I'm getting real tired of being left out of conversations about abortion.

Yeah, that's kinda what happens when you denounce your female body and do everything to separate yourself from a female existence.

Don't mind me blatantly copy-pasting my comment from the deleted one

I would think the reply was sarcasm if I didn’t know better.

TIFs on T are willfully destroying their female reproductive system. They are self-excluding themselves from this conversation so why would we center them on this?

They aren’t wrong, though.

I’ve noticed that it’s only when the subject is trans rights that allies use “cis” and “vulva people” etc. But outside of that specific conversation, they always use the language that normal people use. When talking about female-exclusive biological realities (like pregnancy), they default to “women” when their guard is down and/or they forget Big Brother Sis is listening.

How much dysphoria did she trigger in her own damn self by typing, "I have a uterus," because these people claim they will fucking die if their doctor even says it. Saying "breastfeeding" will make them die, have to say "chest feeding." I'm sorry, it's just so goddamn inconsistent. Like playing cops and robbers on the playground when your friends change the rules as soon as they're losing.

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Well madam, you chose to pretend you’re a man and probably damage your body with T, and do harm to women every time you open your stupid narcissistic mouth, so pardon me if I no longer give a shit about what you think or want.

You excluded yourselves. This is grade school shit like a kid being mad their friends are playing without them even though they are the ones who got mad and stormed off with their ball.

If you identify as a man, don’t freak out if we don’t include you in conversation about women, aka people who aren’t MEN

It's almost like people act normally when they aren't being sucked into your delusions 🤔