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And the solution is clearly that we should all pick our own birthdays and change them according to which stereotypes we feel like that day!

[–] bellatrixbells BoobatrixRex 12 points

I was born a Taurus, but I really identify as a Libra !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heckin' valid trans Libra pride!!!! I'm really very attached to my Aries privilege though so.. I think I'll keep it. And maybe be a Gemini on every third Tuesday.

[–] BlackCirce enby jinping 13 points

99% of male philosophy and "logic" is bullshit like this "born under the sign of penis" ????? bruh you were born WITH a penis

[–] bellatrixbells BoobatrixRex 12 points

I agree. That's why we shouldstop making assumptions about people's personalities just because of what body they have. Welcome to feminism.

TRAs are constantly conflating recognising biological reality with gender stereotypes. Like how stupid do you have to be to think "boys have penises" and "boys use power tools" are comparable ideas?