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Racists in the transcultists are legion:

"TiM" ....... yea......

I use word ng*er casualy, why are people calling me a racist? I was marely trying to explain intelectual supperiority of white man, but they ain't listen and just started being rude. Why are those cns so damm racist to me? Is it couse they stupid?

  • a wannabe victim

Edit: my family cannot change our skin, these fugly dudes can easily wipe the trash makeup of their racist faces and pass like the privileged white males they are

Archive https://archive.fo/JTYmb

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Actual, unironic, upvoted comment on this:

Punching is the correct response to someone dismissing your dysphoria as self-hatred while also misgendering you.

Straight to violence as usual

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Violence is a "correct" response when men's feelings get hurt but women feeling any way about their mistreatment is not allowed and shut up

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It's insane that more people aren't noticing this. This is how TRAs are, and you see it in every twitter every reddit thread about 'terfs'. The violence is ALWAYS there

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"Harassing trans people online"

Telling someone to stop appropriating your existence is not "harassment", Johnny. If you want us to speak about harassment start by getting the fuck out of women's spaces.b

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They really think trans people should be abler to do whatever the hell they want don't they? if a overheard a woman calling women "bitches" who should be in the kitchen and I ran over to her and decked her would I be justified? Of course fucking not. You don't get to punch people because you don't like what they say.

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