Man thinks he’s very smart, but he isn’t… Ugh, did you see his other tweet?

“Biological determinism worries me. I say that as an Armenian Welsh English Londoner. But also as a human who had tonsils and appendix removed. When did we start getting defined by parts of our anatomy?”


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Someone should remind him it’s his TRA friends who call woman “uterus owners” or “bodies with vaginas”.

Dolly's clone was still female, wtf. These people are just morons.

Something reproducing asexually doesn't mean it doesn't have a sex.

Yeah, like, what does he mean "without sex?" It sounds like a question a third grader asks in introductory science class.

Why do men always seem to think this kind of ridiculousness is a hot take?

Cloning still requires an ovum and a female to gestate the embryo.