That reminds me of a hilarious tweet I can't find but will recreate for you:

Challenge to followers: Ruin a famous movie line by adding or deleting one sentence. Clever follower: "My name is Bond, James Bond. My pronouns are he/him."

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Omg hahahahahahahaha

Edit I just paused the tv to actually laugh out loud holy shit

It also reminded me of these tweets that I really enjoyed! 🀣


Edit: it just occurred to me that she could play the role of Dr. Ju No πŸ˜‚

God, I hope she gets chosen: it would be the nail in the coffin for the franchise, and I hate that franchise.

I was against it when I read the title but your comment makes sense

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Is James Bond supposed to look like he can be knocked down by a small gust of wind? Because if so then she's perfect for the job.

God the cringe level is off the charts

and do you remember him in that stunning Met Gala suit? He was oh-so swoon-inducing and definitely Bond-worthy.

Yeah I remember, 'he' looked like a preteen who found dad's tux and tried it on. Unless Bond has to go under cover in a middle school, I don't see it. Lmao

SPECTRE will become PHANTASM: Publicizing Hateful Anti-trans Nastiness, Trolling, And Sadistic Misgendering

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