I don't believe in forcing people into the military, as is standard in many countries (Korea, Israel, Turkey), but a few years in the Peace Corps, say, would do this man some good. Unless he molested their kids. Would he be subject to local law?

I don’t think it’s the Peace Corps is the right job for narcissists and sociopaths tbh. And like you said, too much risk not only to the children there, but women too. These men need to be kept away from all society in general.

You're right. I shouldn't punish others. I'm just trying to think of some actual hardship that might make something click in their brains.

Maybe put them on "trans island" (it wouldn't need to be an actual island) and make them grow their own food, build their own shelter, deal with actual survival like some people today are STILL struggling with, sadly. But like our own ancestors did not that long ago. [Not to say Farmer Jones who was up at dawn working the fields didn't also find time to rape the animals, because I'm sure he did.....]

Make these men dig a well and maintain it. Something where they get physically dirty and sweat and do NOT use their penis.

Maybe put them on "trans island" (it wouldn't need to be an actual island)

Let’s make it an actual island. Far, faaaaar away from women and girls.

This was the norm for men for most of human history and they still sucked, big time.

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Prison with hard labour. Back to the old days of breaking rocks.

So.... Did someone come into the room and take a picture of him, or did he set up a tripod and have a sadness photo shoot?

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FuCkiNg pLeAsE don't go anywhere near any woman, ever. Thank you.

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Disgusting pervert and likely paedophile is what I’d call you.

Dress however you want (that outfit is fire). Luna is a great name. But if you have the wherewithal to emotionally manipulate strangers into giving you validation, why can't you try being responsible for your own mood?

I understand sometimes some people need to talk to someone online, but this is just straightup telling someone else what to say. What are you getting out of this interaction except a sense of control over others? And if you need a sense of control, why not try to get a sense of control over yourself?