My parents also appear supportive, but what if they’re just acting like it, and actually disapprove?

Dude, a good 98% of the population is just “acting like it” while secretly disapproving. These people really believe that bullying and threatening people into submission = genuine support.

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In the comments this guy says he thinks he’s a lesbian, so unfortunately his bullying and threats are gonna be directed at women to coerce them into accepting his “girl dick” 🤮

Oh, and his sister is a lesbian. So he’s LARPing as her. How much you wanna bet this creep has sister fantasies?

Thats exactly what I was thinking. You cant make someone believe but it sounds like she was being sensitive to him about it. Plus why was he eavesdropping on her so late at night?

Exactly and he's crying and posting online because confronting her would mean admitting he was spying on her private conversations in the middle of the night.

Sometimes people don't realize how loud they're being.

I mean I see why he was hurt, but the actions people take have to be enough. If you're trying to get them to really believe you are a literal woman, that's a losing battle.

That 98% should stop even pretending. TRAs are using people' s pretending against them by claiming that "everyone supports us so you transphobes are a minority".

That' s why they created and are creating so many laws to stop anyone from speaking out about it: because they know that, eventually, we will all have enough and will start telling the truth, so they have to prevent that from happening.

"These people really believe that bullying and threatening people into submission = genuine support."

Bingo. Given all the loud, vicious hate and venom spewed at "TERFs", is it any wonder people pretend to support?

Yup and thats not even getting into how they mistake social politeness for passing or going stealth. Nah bruh, we can all see you don't pass, people are just generally too polite to say anything in conversation.

Not just politeness, but I think everyone, women and children especially but even other men, have an instinctual fear of mentally unstable men, and with that an understanding that they are unpredictable and potentially dangerous. I once say a reddit comment by a transbian claiming to be able to pass as a woman whilst being a 6'7" (or some absurd height, it's in my post history) male. What could be a more potent signal to others of a mentally deranged male than a male in ill-fitting, inappropriate (age and sex-wise) clothing, mincing around pretending to be a woman, or even a lesbian woman. Everyone's seen the "It's ma'am" video. So I think the politeness comes from fear as well: fear of confrontation, of a huge trantrum, fear of violence, and so on.

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I was even about to start my reply with, "Dude..."

Great minds.

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Parents, in particular, aren't going to be truly supportive unless they have Munchhausen's or they're otherwise extremely invested in incoherent liberal ideology. They had a son; raised him to adulthood; and were undoubtedly hoping he'd have a normal, healthy, and happy life. A natural reaction to a child identifying as trans is grieving the loss of a son/daughter, and most people recognize, on some level, that trans identity is a recipe for misery. I'll bet this guy wasn't crying in the bathroom for 15 minutes at a time before he got it into his head that he's a "woman".

I'll bet this guy wasn't crying in the bathroom for 15 minutes at a time before he got it into his head that he's a "woman".

He probably punched a hole in his parents wall and slung some shit across his room like the angry incel he is.

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TiM cried in the bathroom for 15 whole minutes and she didn't even notice!

What's the point of a performative crying session if no one sees it??

Reminds me of when my kids were toddlers. They'd throw a tantrum, I'd get up and walk away, and they'd stop, get up, and follow me, before throwing themselves on the floor again to scream.

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I remember those days!!!

Leave the room = crying stops

Return to room = crying restarts

What's the point of a performative crying session if no one sees it?

True and Honest Woman points on the internet. Sobbing in the bathroom, amiright girls?

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I was gonna say the same thing !! He obviously was trying to get attention 😂

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EVERYONE you meet is pretending to go along with it. Sorry, not sorry.

Wonder if his sister is here 😏

I would love to have someone to commiserate with over them getting boners in our hand-me-downs 😭🤮

Hahah, I was thinking/hoping the same thing! This based sister already has, or seriously needs, an account here.

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Maybe I'll go a little off topic, but here's another example of differences between homosexuality and gender identity in a family environment. When I was 15, I would have been so, SO, SOOO happy if my disapproving mother had been able to appear supportive of my sexual orientation and hide her homophobia just a little bit! Yes, discovering the truth would have been hurtful, but still, I would have been grateful for the effort, I swear. 😅

this. my dad is...pretty homophobic and I know it. but he loves me, and he loves my partner. he doesn't get it and he doesn't pretend to. but the very minor amount of acceptance I receive from him keeps our family together and I appreciate the effort he makes. he legit throws my girlfriend birthday cookouts. I know he likely says some shit behind our backs but at least he tries.

It's the same with my father, except for the fact I don't have a girlfriend. Before he knew I was a lesbian, he used to say a lot of homofobic stuff, and after my coming out he's started to keep quiet even when he's obviously thinking something very conservative. I still appreciate it, because I know it doesn't come natural for him. On the other hand, my mom's improvements and efforts were huuuuge and now we have a great relationship, but I can't quite forget that the only times I've been slapped were because of my sexual orientation. So I think that someone like this transgender guy can't really grasp what a "phobic parent" is.

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I cried in the bathroom for 15 minutes but I don't think she noticed>

Of course she noticed, she just doesn't care because I have a feeling that you're always fucking crying.

She said she "wouldn't want to be a man either" and laughed>

Trust me dude, I am laughing too. Your sister sounds like a hoot. LOL

*edited to fix quotes

Well TIM, you can't control what people think. Reminds me of that one tweet where some other TIM said "people use my pronouns and they refer to me as a woman but I just know deep down they don't believe it". What more could you want, you delusional narcissist?

You know, if you've been in an echo chamber for months/years with people affirming all of your illusions, finding out that people on the outside actually think very differently would be quite hurtful, I guess. And he's young.

I do feel a bit sorry for him, but that could be because I'm chronically naive...or my mother instinct or something.

However, if I found out he had been an asshole or creep to women, my empathy would end right away.

“Larping”? Sounds like a sister has peaked already. I wonder if it is her brother’s Larping that made her peak or if she was peaked before he came out as trans.

I’m glad to read that she has a friend that she can confide in.

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lmao, is this one of you trolling the TIMs & letting them know how women really feel behind closed doors? 😂

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