The decade of migraines I had that were waved off as drug seeking until they were waved off as seasonal allergies until I went straight to a neurologist without a referral (I was lucky I could) would beg to differ with these pitiful people who can't become plastic surgery addicts and lifelong medical patients fast enough.

Periods and breast developments...universal experiences for all girls going through puberty...how wrong of anyone to point that out.

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Yep loved being dismissed and fighting tooth and nail for 10 years before I was permitted a single surgery of the many I require. Still fighting for the actual one I really need before my spine is so curved that it's irredeemable. Looooved watching my mum almost die when doctors laughed her out the door for half a decade. What privilege we have.

As someone who is chronically ill, along with other things, from the bottom of my heart GO FUCK YOURSELF.

I've had to turn down multiple prescriptions because I couldn't afford them. I'm still stunned by how doctors prescribe things there's no chance in hell their patient can pay for.

From $100 a tube creams to several hundred dollar/month meds.

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As a pharmacist, I used to give free talks to seniors or anyone interested on how to speak to your doctor to make sure you were getting less expensive medications, and how to find less expensive alternatives for what you already take.

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